Water Toadie Egg Antidote
Owners: Puck
Usage: Reverses effects of Water Toadie Egg
Side effect: temporary tail growth
Appearances: The Everafter War
A water toadie egg antidote is the cure for a water toadie egg, which causes the eater to have green skin. The antidote is a yellow liquid that tasted like soda pop and cabbage. Jake Grimm had it in a glass vial with a cork stopper.

We know that this is a magical item because after Sabrina Grimm consumed it her father muttered "Magic," with disgust, because it had a side effect.


Once the antidote is drank, the consumers skin instantly changes to its normal hue. However, a side effect is that the drinker grows a monkey's tail, sometimes instantly or within a few days.

Use of Antidote

Jacob Grimm gave the remedy to his eldest niece after she accidentally ate a toadie egg, a prank of Puck's

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