Vial from the Fountain of Youth
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Owners: Frau Pfefferkuchenhaus
Fairy Tale: Numerous tales
Author: Numerous authors
Usage: Acheive immortality
Status: Destroyed/Used up
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors
The Fountain of Youth contains water that, when drunk, renders the drinker immortal and unable to age. Frau Pfefferkuchenhaus owns a small vial of the water that she had hoped to sell to a human for a large amount of money.

However, in a spate of thefts, the vial was stolen by Cinderella's mice who stole the water for Tom Baxter as he wanted to combine it with the Wonder Clock and the Wand of Merlin to make himself young again, and in his mind, befitting of his wife. It is unknown where the fountain is located.

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