Vesta Grimm
Fairytale Detective
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Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 85 (at time of death)
Josef Grimm † (Father)

Anna Grimm † (Mother)
Trixie Grimm † (Sister)
Peter Grimm † (Brother)
Alison Grimm I † (Sister-in-law)
Chloe Grimm † (Niece)
Edwin Grimm † (Nephew)
Matilda Grimm † (Niece)
Basil Grimm † (Nephew)
Relda Grimm † (Niece-in-law)
Jacob Alexander Grimm (Great Nephew)
Henry Grimm (Great Nephew)
Veronica Grimm (Great Niece-in-law)
Sabrina Grimm (Great Niece once removed)
Daphne Grimm (Great Niece once removed)
Basil Grimm II (Great Nephew once removed)
Puck (Great Nephew once removed-in-law)
Alison Grimm (Great Niece twice removed)
Emma Grimm (Great Niece twice removed)
Unnamed Great Nieces/Nephews twice removed
Spaulding Grimm † (Grandfather)
Jane Ella Grimm † (Grandmother)
Douglas Grimm II † (Uncle)
Douglas Grimm I † (Grandfather)
Delores Grimm † (Grandmother)
Thomas Grimm † (Great Uncle)
Dessie Grimm † (Great Aunt)
Wilhelm Grimm † (Great Grandfather)
Henrietta Grimm † (Great Grandmother)

Jacob Grimm † (Great Uncle once-removed)
Status: Deceased
Vesta Grimm was a member of the Grimm Family who lived from 1875-1960. Like all members of the Grimm family, it can be assumed she was either a fairytale detective, or she was aware of the existence of Everafters. As she was born to a Grimm, Vesta is a Grimm by blood.

Vesta Grimm is a great aunt of Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, being the sister of their great-grandfather, Peter Grimm, who was her older brother. She is also the sister of Trixie Grimm, a notable member of the Grimm family who worked with the Book of Everafter. As both Trixie and Vesta were born in 1975, it can be inferred that they were twins.


The name Vesta is a cognate of the Roman name 'Hestia', meaning 'pure' or 'chaste'. A Greek and Roman deity for hearth and home, Vesta represented domestic life.

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