Hi, I am the current owner of the Sisters Grimm wiki *fan girl scream!* and, believe it or not, I am just another hopelessly obsessed Sisters Grimm fan. Like you! Ah, where should I start? I came across this wiki some time ago. Unfortunately, its founder had left it in the dust, and (from the looks of the Wiki Activity) it was only maintained occassionally by some brave SG souls, but basically, it was a husk of past dreams. This made me sad. You know what made me sadder? From my wiki searches, there wasn't any other Sisters Grimm wiki up and running. Fans had no where to turn to for valuable information. There was no place where SG information was pooled together. There was just no such thing. All attempts to start wiki became stubs of hopes and wishes, but it seemed as if it was just not to be.

This is the new era.

I call all Sisters Grimm fans to come and gather 'round, for we must act! To unite all Grimmsters, we must create the ultimate hub of information, facts, and doodads for our beloved series! Forgot who Frau Pfefferkuchenhaus was? Well, Sisters Grimm all around will just come to this website and find out exactly who she is! And same for every other fact in the Sisters Grimm world. So start! Commence! Begin! Edit, revise, add, delete, criticize, blog! If we can get 200 pages of Sisters Grimm facts, we could be placed on Wikia Spotlight. Editing experts will come and give us a hand. People will read more Sisters Grimm. And that, my friends, will be the ultimate "happily ever after." Don't you want your name to be inked next to that final, happy phrase?

MirrorX2OnTheWall 22:44, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

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