So, I've noticed that my plan for creating more pages didn't go very well. The main discussion page(s) for this wiki are really hard to find, so I'll do a repost.

Hello everyone!

So, I've added a bunch of pages to this wiki, and I had so many more ideas that I wanted to add that I made a list. Unfortunately, there are just too many on the list for me to do on my own (I don't want carpal tunnel). Well, I could do it, but it would take forever.

What I'm hoping is that someone will see this list and decide to create the pages for the items on the list. If the text is red, it needs to be created. If it is blue, someone has already created it. (To get the links, you have to open this blog page entirely).

1. Ferryport Landing Bank

2. Bella Amphibian

3. Natalie Beast

4. Titania

5. Oberon

6. Mustardseed

7. Ebenezer Scrooge

8. Tiny Tim

9. Nurse Sprat

10. Mother "Momma" Goose

11. Ferryport Landing Library

12. Tin Woodsman

13. Cowardly Lion

14. Wicked Witch of the West

15. King Arthur

16. Knock-knock Joke (to get into Faerie)

17. Gingerbread Man

18. Emperor (the one who was wearing "new clothes")

19. Cobweb

20. Seven (Six) Dwarves (Mr. Seven's brothers)

21. Yahoos

22. Gulliver (is only mentioned in passing, but can still find info)

23. Lilliputians

24. Bad Apples

25. Sinbad

26. Long John Silver

27. Michael Buckley

28. The Blue Plate Special

29. Barto

30. Maid Marian

31. Excalibur

32. The Golden Egg

33. Mad Hatter

34. Pinocchio

35. Wizard of Oz

36. Scarecrow

37. Rip Van Winkle

38. Little Boy Blue

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