So the first three revised editions were relesed today - I am majorly annoyed because, DESPITE HAVING PRE-ORDERED THE BOOKS, I only received the first one and not the second or third books, due to their unavailability. This may have something to do with the fact that I live in Britain though :|

ANYWAY, this is going to be a running tally of anything worthy of note I find in the revised editions during my intial, cursory perusal through the book. I can't read them yet as I am currently going through my Uni's exam period, but as soon as they aer done, I'll give a proper run-down of the book.

So, initial thoughts:

- Why did I only receive one book? (An intensely sore and painful point for me)

- The book is ever so slightly bigger than your standard size book - not the same size as the originals!

- No extra illustrations - the originals have been photocopied in? :s

- Ooooooooh, I see differences - very, very, subtle differences in the texts but they are there :D

- I think a fairly anti-climatic character has been cut out of the series.

- Charming! There is the tiniest bit added into a particular scene which is so cute becausse that indicates he is being further developed in the revised editions.

All in all, fairly impressed so far

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