Well the title says it all really!

The author of the book series, Michael Buckley, turns 44 today! and only 5 days away from my own fantastic 15!

And yeah, I'm aware that this blog may come off as a bit stalkerish what with me knowing his age and all
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

- but come on! The wiki is basically a site for fans of his hit series and it's really easy to find out his birthday by looking on his Wikipedia page!

Not that I had to do that - nope, I knew today was his birthday because exactly a year ago - ONE WHOLE YEAR AGO - I started liking The Sisters Grimm series. Well I say liking...more like obsessing really. A year ago! It is my one year anniversary today! And I didn't even know it was M.B's Birthday until recently! It's fate 'tis what it it!

Also, piece of trivia here: August 16th is also the date of the last journal entry in The Council of Mirrors, or to put it more simply, the date when the second epilogue occurs. So Sabrina and Puck's daughters find out about the secret world of Everafters today! And Allie gets her wings too! On Michael's birthday! And on my Sisters Grimm Day!

Too many exclamation marks? Too many links? Must...celebrate....

  • Note for The Little *cough* Mermaid: Please don't set the Cruel Crustacean on me! I know you hate the film and it's going to annoy you to see a piccy of Ariel when she paraded around like she got the man didn't. No hate. No lobsters. No movies. *

FireworksandChimpanzees (talk) 21:33, August 16, 2013 (UTC)

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