Well hello!

So I was thinking that I haven't got enough blogs about The Sisters Grimm (I haven't got any), instead focusing on the Royal Baby. Coo. And then I thought "Hey, let's find another way to bore anyone who has nicely decided to view my profile and blogs page. It's most probable that you'd be reading this whilst you're tring to get a badge (if you're not - whoo! Go you!), so I was thinking that it would probably be easier for you or anyone to comment on a blog about The Sisters Grimm considering it's The Sisters Grimm wiki. Amazing logic, no?

And so here it starts. I will start blogs on the books in the series (including The Very Grimm Guide) and I most proabably will do character review blogs too - Got to add, they will proabably be updated in parts, as I lose my attention span when typing about myself really quickly. Watch this space, because a blog will be here as soon as I have the decency to upload one.

Other news - Peter Capaldi has just been announced as the new Doctor. I reserve judgement until I see him act, but I have just have three litle niggles - 1.) He's already been in Doctor Who as another character 2.) He's a heck of a lot older than Matt Smith, which leads to number 3.) He can't have a cute relationship with Clara like Matt did, no romance, nothing, because he is too old. But I can imagine him as the Doctor, so, we'll see.


FireworksandChimpanzees (talk) 20:56, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

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