Eventually I'll have to stop fangirling with excitement every time some more news about this comes out, but for now...

(And the original announcement: )

See, when I heard the news about the tenth-anniversary Sisters Grimm edition, I focused on "new art" and "new designs" and stuff like that. I thought it was interesting that Buckley was making "revisions," but I thought they'd be pretty minor, unnoticeable things. 

Nope. Nope. Apparently he's rewriting the entire series!

And now that I know the changes for the new edition won't be purely aesthetic, you know what that means? I've got to own both versions. I have to do a line-by-line comparison. I have to. Thing is, I only just recently--over winter break--finally bought myself the first SG book. I'd been looking forward to slowly, one by one, hunting down all nine books (plus maybe even the Guide). But now there's going to be nine more books that I'll need to find. And I can't rest until I own every single one. 

But I'm so happy. Because now we'll finally know what color Puck's eyes really are. Now we'll know what color Briar's hair really is. Maybe he'll even clear up Cinderella's godmother being seen both in Ferryport Landing and in New York!

I am so excited you guys.

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