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Jake absorbs the Blue Fairy's power as a result of his addiction to magic.

'Touched' is the term referring to an unhealthy addiction to magic which applies to those who cannot cope with its power. Typically, the addiction manifests itself in people who have little control over their life and which they could change their situation, thus leading them to become dependent on the feeling of control and power that magic brings.

Sabrina and Jake are touched though the two have very different approaches to magic- after Sabrina is turned into a frog by Baba Yaga (her addiction becomes prominent after she has to give up the Wand of Merlin to the crone in return for a piece of the Vorpal Blade) she tries to stay away from as much as possible as she fears that she will again relapse and be forced into a position where she has to make difficult choices. Her being touched almost kills her as Sabrina is almost unable to deal with Mirror's magic inside her in The Council of Mirrors and it nearly burns her from the inside out.

Jake, however, is entirely addicted and relies on magical items to complete even the simplest of chores, much to the irritation of Relda. He has an overcoat with many pockets, brimming with magical items that even he is unaware of. Jake is dependent on magic and his addiction leads him to absorb the Blue Fairy's power and also all the Everafter's powers to, in the hope that he can bring The Grimm Family back together.

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