The Scarlet Hand
The Scarlet Hand
Warning - Spoiler Alert!
The following page contains content that reveals the plot-line for the later books and/or a character's development
Species: Robot
Gender: Male
Fairy Tale: Ozma of Oz and later Oz books
Skin color: Copper
Status: Deceased
Appearances: The Council of Mirrors

Book Appearances

He [Tik-Tok] fell over and a mob smashed and stomped him until all that was left were springs and sprockets.
~ Recalling the deaths of Arthur and Hood's plan, from Sabrina

The Council of Mirrors

Tik-Tok leaves the Scarlet Hand and joins Sabrina Grimm's army. He is accompanied by a giant caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat. Tik-Tok takes part in Arthur and Hood's plan, to surround the Scarlet Hand while they are occupied in the center of the town. However, he does not survive this battle, and is said to have been chased until his key became unwound. When he falls over, he gets trampled to death by the crowd.

It is also possible that he was buried outside the castle, along with Mallobarb and Sir Kay.


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