• Right, so I am a total Fanfiction junkie. I've actually instated a day in the week which I dedicate to it, completely forgetting about the growing pile of homework that was due in 3 weeks ago. Fanfiction Friday - guys, just saying, I strongly recommend you take this day up too. And then I had an insight of insightfulness (I got that from Fanfiction) - why not start a thread on the wiki where I am admin, dedicated to the fanfiction of my favourite book series.  And that's exactly what I've done!

    So basically, if you write Fanfiction, post a link to your profile on the forum so all the people who visit the Wiki can see it. Personally, I am trying to write my own fics, but their realistic finishing date is in about 5 years, since I get too distracted reading fics. Er, what I am trying to say is, you don't have to write fanfiction to post on here - you can just talk about your favourite fics here, or add links to your favourte authors. Which is what I will do.

    And so it starts:

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    • First Fanfiction writer who is my personal favourite:

      Click on Curlscat to go to her Fanfiction profile and see the stories that she has written.

      (I totally recommend The Long, Winding Road and/or Arranged Marriages and Wars of State)

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    • One of the awesomest fanficcers out there is Lara D . Very knowledgeable about the entire world of Sisters Grimm, unbelievably knowledgeable about all Sisters Grimm fanfiction, and one of the all-around greatest people on that site. 

      And not a bad writer either. :) Too many awesome stories to list, but I like her one-shots like It Takes Two to Tango and especially In a Different Light. (I'm a huge angsty Moth fan, what can I say?)

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    • Ah, you read my mind! Lara D was going to be the next fanficcer I recommended on this forum.

      I've been converted through reading her stories - I did not see a potential relationship between Mustarseed and Daphne EVER, but For the First Time and it's sequel Behind Closed Classrooms was just too good for me not to accept that the two should be considered. It's a fairly AU story, but it's brilliant!

      I also like It Takes Two to Tango because I think there aren't enough fics outh there that show Puck and Daphne being brotherly and sisterly towards each other. (Not romantic, people, ugh). I've read In A Different Light, and it was written really well, BUT I HATE MOTH because I am a major Puckabrina shipper, and Moth is just one fairy that annoys the wings off of me. And Bradley. I hate Bradley too!

      I also recommend Pocky:It's all Love and Games for a slightly AU fic that's just pleasant to read because of the cuteness of Puckabrina in it.

      Enjoy reading Lara D!

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    • New post! And also one that I have been meaning to advertise for some time, because the author also contributes to this Wiki.....

      Estrangelo Edessa!

      You totally kind of have to read The Kiss Book 9 Was Missing if you like Puckabrina even in the slightest, OR if you were frustrated with The Council of Mirrors for some reason. Its bee-yoo-ti-ful. And is also a brilliant source of Puckabrina fluff which makes me start fan-girling! It's also a fic that is brillaintly written, so don't worry about Sabrina or Puck being OOC or AU because they are not.

      Aside from Puckabrina, Estrangelo Edessa has also written fics from the various point of view of characters that don't usually get so much screen-time (page-time? fic-time?).

      Enjoy reading!

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    • There's this truly awesome fic which I just love called In the King's Court that is so brilliantly Puckabrina, I was forced to have a fan-girl moment. By Thenumber1riddlerfan, it's basically a fic that is a humorous anecdote about Sabrina being a lawyer in Faerie where Puck is king and also the judge. And as the two are romantically involved by the course of this story, there's quite a lot of romance from a mischevious Puck and an incredulous Sabrina.

      Like I said, really sweet Puckabrina fluff, in true Puckabrina style.

      It just has to be read.

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    • I can't believe I haven't put this up earlier.

      No Matter What is a truly awesome fanfiction by Ayns and Sky, really really awesome for Puckabrina shippers. It's AU, but not Out Of Character.

      Words fail me now because I'm so mad with myself for not putting it up earlier.

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    • Long overdue Fanfiction post, so I'm recommending a couple of fics:

      I know I'm more biased towards Puckabrina, but I love them so much!!! But for all the people who want something different, I'm going on a Daphne theme now-

      Okay so The Closet. It's a fic that's about Daphne that's genuinely so ulike anything else I've ever read becuase I read it and was just like "what?!" but in a good never-seen-anything-like-this-before way. It's a fic by Trikster Queen  so go ahead and read :)

      And for anyone who ships Daphne and Pinnochio then here's a short fic that hints at the very beginning of their relationship. And yeah, it may just have Puckabrina's wedding in it but I felt weird without including my OTP in this post - That Beautiful Smile by Annabeth Everdeen. I just read it again quickly and there's a slight bit that made me feel sad but happy too. Read it and you'll see what I mean.

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    • Aaaaand I'm literally back two seconds later to recommend one I just unearthed that I read ages ago.

      Puckabrina! And Dapherseed too but focused more on Dapherseed and the trials in their relationship. It's slightly long so enjoy :D

      Daphne's Distraction by Lara D. And yup, she's been mentioned before on this forum but it's a really goof fic by a really good author.

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    • Hey I was looking at more things Sisters Grimm like and came across the Sisters Grimm fansite by probroards. There is a thing for writing and fan fics, so I went on it. There are some really good ones but my favorite is "Another Kiss and a little mystery!" by a member called biggestfanever. She really knows how to write a good story.

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    • Oooh, I've never heard of that site - I'll go ahead and read the fic you've just recommended :)

      Upon looking through the site, it's basically a fansite for everything to do with the Grimms so go for it if you want to find out more :)


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    • Yay! I am so happy someone is reading it because it is such a good story and like no one is listening to me! :( :( :( :( :( 

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    • I've just found out that there is more than one part to Another Kiss and a Little Mystery which makes me inanely happy.

      (Directed at people who have no idea what we are talking about but would like to know:

      Fanfic by BiggestFanEver that has 2 parts and a third part has just been announced

      Part 1

      Part 2

      And a link to Part 3 will be put up as soon as it's done :)

      I think, if anything with the site, the formatting just takes a while to get used to because it's so different from Fanfiction, but eventually it's easy to get used to.

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    • Livien
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      Cause I don't know if biggestfanever would like her info out like that.
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    • OK I am like SUPER happy because I just found out that BiggestFanEver writes fanfics too like ALL of my favorite books! She is on my opinion, one of the best fanficers out there.

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    • Just read In The King's court and my heart stopped beating. I couldn't do anything but continue to read. Two of my friends William and Jack are at my house (looking over my shoulder right now) and they read it too. William loved it and Jack said it was more for a girl. William didn't say anything (because he is a boy) but my response was simpily "I am a girl!" (The one time being a girl is useful when it comes to fanfics). I loved it but I am pretty sure I am dead because I didn't take a breath for a REALLY long time. I also just read In A Different Light and again, heart stopped. They both liked it, but I am pretty sure that is for a different reason (EWW!).

      P.S. What does AU mean?

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    • Me and my friends just read No Matter What and we ALL died and were just lying on my bed next to each other for like five minutes. The more fics we read, the more dead we become. Now, William just dared Jack and I to read ALL the fics without dying. He aslo sent out an E-mail to some of my other friends to do the same. We are going to die (Even though that's part of the dare.) Wish me, Jack, and my other friends luck.

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    • Jack and I just read one more and we failed, like the biggest fail ever in the history of the universe. We were just on my bed for like ten mintues before we could even say a word (or more importantly, attack William for making us do that). Pretty much the moral here is don't let your friends dare you to read Sisters Grimm fanfics. Let that be a lesson to all.

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    • Livien wrote:

      P.S. What does AU mean?

      AU means 'alternate universe', which means that they are the same characters, but whatever they do in the alternate universe has no effect on the real story. It basically just gives the authors complete freedom to do whatever the heck they want.

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    • Livien wrote:
      Just read In The King's court and my heart stopped beating.

      I KNOW!! It was amazing!!! And it has two parts to it now which is even more awesome!

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    • New post! I love this new one which is only very verly slightly aimed at older readers due to a fairly indiscreet hint at the end but I just loved it all the more:

      Sugar and Spice byLonglivethecookiemonster.

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    • Can I recommend yet another Curlscat story?

      Daphne's Dates is amazing. Basically the idea is shipping Daphne with everybody, one oneshot at a time, so no matter who you ship her with, you'll eventually get one chapterfull of amazing feels. My favorite chapters are the Wendell and Mustardseed ones. 

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    • Hey hey have you guys all heard about the winners of Elligoat's annualBest Sisters Grimm Story contest? 

      Third Place -- Dark by anniepear

      She was a good girl, a perfect daughter searching for her lost parents. He was labeled insane, a violent and carefree mercenary with nothing even resembling morals. And despite her better judgement, she had to go to him for help. Neither of them could have expected the outcome. "Only someone so light could have changed the heart of someone so dark." 

      Second Place -- One 'Wonderful' Fortnight by IceQueenandFireQueen 

      This is for the Irish Lass' Challenge. Once upon a time, the Grimm adults decided to go on vacation and left Uncle Jake and the children behind. As weddings, babies, truth or dare, soap operas, movie nights, puckabrina, makeovers, pranks, and more crazy stuff overtakes the Grimm's lives, will they survive? 

      tied with -- so take my tears as token by fluggerbutter

      As the years pass, she stops wishing to fly. She comes to terms with the fact that she is chained to the Earth, destined to be buried in it. He remains aether: he will float freely, ageless, eternal.

      First Place -- Daphne's Dates by Curslcat 

      "'How many boys have you broken up with in the past year' 'That's different. I break up with them because they are not right for me.'" Daphne's had a lot of boyfriends. She's loved them all. This story chronicles them: from the ones whose names she barely remembers to the ones she wishes could have lasted forever. 

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    • I really suggest you guys check them out! I've already suggested Daphne's Dates, but "so take my tears as token" is brilliant too--in fact, anything fluggerbutter writes is brilliant. I actually really prefer Starfish which is an adorable oneshot about Sabrina and Mirror and "take my tears" is a Puckabrina which I'm not really partial to, but it is one of the best Puckabrinas I've read for a while, so that's great. 

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    • Ah wow. I forgot about this thread... *hangs head in shame*

      I've not been following Elligoat's contest this year so thanks for reminding me - Daphne's Dates was awesome simply because we actually saw more of Daphne. Aww, I read So Take My Tears Are Token some time ago and it was really cute and sad and cute.

      I don't tend to read really AU fics but 'Dark' does look interesting...

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    • To be honest I didn't enjoy "Dark" that much, because Sabrina was too OOC for me. She had no fight in her and the "good girl description seems weird. But I've heard plenty of people recommend it, so I suppose it depends on your preferences. 

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    • Actually I agree. The more I got into it, the more I was waiting for Sabrina to just do something that was typical of Sabrina i.e not wince/shiver/shudder every time Puck threatens her. However, the writing style was very good.

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    • Hi! My name's Annie Carter and I'm new (relatively) to this fandom. I started writing fanfiction around late March, and I'd like to be a professional writer someday. I was hoping that maybe some of you would be kind enough to give feedback on my work? I've posted a link to my profile, but my internet is fickle, so here's the link:

      My goal is to always improve my writing, so any sort of criticism is welcome. Thank you!

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    • Hi Annie!

      Firstly, welcome to the wiki and also to the (small but awesome) fandom :D

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PROMOTING YOURSELF because I keep forgetting about this forum and also that FanFiction exists :s I'll be more than happy to read your fics but I'll review under a guest account since I don't have an account myself - I usually review under the name 'Fireworks' :)

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    • So guess who has decided to show her face again? Yes, I am an appalling admin but college work is getting heavier and you don't want to know the rest of my real life excuses. You probably do want to know why I haven't been updating this forum - it's literally almost a year since the last time I updated this - and I don't have an excuse but OH MY GOODNESS, I HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE TO RECOMMEND!!!!!!

      I feel like I literally just discovered Fanfiction because I haven't been on the site for a few milllenia, so I was VERY pleasantly suprised to find a whole new range of writers-who-update-their-awesome-fics. Those awesome fics are on my reading list since my impending doom exams are getting in the way of enjoying those fics. However, you can still enhoy them so I will post a link to the authors' bio pages so you can look through their range of glorious fics. Here goes:

      So I literally just finished reading Brink by Quill and Spindle - oh my Kraven, it is beautiful, eloquent and literally a pleasure to read. So many brilliant twists, all the characters are in character and that was the first literary piece that raised my shipper heart from the dead and made me cry in about...oh 2 years?

      It is literally the best fic I have ever read.

      I'm also going to shamelessly point out that I tucked myself away in my room, citing revision to my family whilst I read this engrossing fic from 9 in the morning to 9 at night. SO GOOD!

      But yeah. go check out  Quill and Spindle. You won't regret it.

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    • Aaaaaaand guess who is back again? I can actually spend the time that the wiki deserves on here as exams are over and my blissfully long holiday has begun. Which means no more neglecting this wiki and no more neglecting this forum, so here are my suggestions for which fanfictions you should be reading :

      Again with Quill and Spindle, I'd highly recommend War Horse and definitely DEFINITELY Once More: Say Yes which has a lovely style of writing to it.

      Whilst looking for the links above, I just found Leafy Chairs by crimsonvortex and Midnight Sugar by Annie Carter - both are very sweet and short so are lovely light reads.

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    • oh my god, Brink,. That story was beautiful. I literally cried because it was so perfect, in character, and with a plot that broke my heart because it could totally happen. 

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    • Yes, Brink is amazing! It's kind of weird how everyone is unanimously agreeing that the characters are all actually in character, especially as we don't really know what the adult versions of Puck, Sabrina and co would actually be like, but that just points to the amazing talent of the author for managing to achieve that. 

      It is genuinely a pleasure to read.

      Oh, and welcome back to the wiki again :)

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    • That's so true. They're so them, but changed realistically. The author really does have extraordinary talent. 

      Thanks c: life got a little hectic for a while. 

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    • Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the shoutout about my stories on fanfiction. Didn't know how to PM you back on FF, so am glad I'm able to do it here. I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to read Brink, especially, because it's so long. Thank you so much for you kind words about it!


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    • Quillandspindle wrote:

      Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the shoutout about my stories on fanfiction. Didn't know how to PM you back on FF, so am glad I'm able to do it here. I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to read Brink, especially, because it's so long. Thank you so much for you kind words about it!

      OH MY GOD, HELLO *internally squeeing*

      No problem, it's a pleasure to read and long fics are awesome because then there is more of a story to fll in love with and obsess over.

      Keep being awesome :)

      FireworksandChimpanzees Drop me a message!

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