The Trial of Mr. Canis
Court trial for murder
Bluebeard questions Boarman and Swinehart
Location: Ferryport Landing
Description of Event: Biased trial set on finding Mr. Canis guilty, initiated by the Scarlet Hand
When it Occurred: 2006
How it Occurred: Scarlet Hand started rising in power and arrested Mr. Canis in an effort to weaken the Grimms
People Involved: Mr. Canis

Scarlet Hand
The Grimm Family
Sherwood Group
Mad Hatter

Final Outcome: Canis is found guilty and sentenced to death.
Appearances: Tales from the Hood
The trial of Mr. Canis takes place during the sixth book (Tales from the Hood), shortly after Mr. Canis' arrest from the Grimm family home. At the end of Magic and Other Misdemeanors, Mr. Canis is arrested by Sheriff Nottingham when the house is surrounded by the Scarlet Hand. He chooses to go quietly, refusing to fight back or run when Sabrina suggests that he does, angry at his lack of defense.

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