The Future That Never Was
Temporal Displacement
Future Sabrina and Daphne
Location: Ferryport Landing (primarily)

Whole world (as a consequence)

Duration: Less than a day (for Sabrina and Daphne)
Description of Event: Sabrina and Daphne get sucked into a Time Tear only to witness their dire future that would occur if they didn't find the items they were looking for.
How it Occurred: Sabrina and Daphne couldn't find the items they were assigned to find, which consequently led to the rise of the Scarlet Hand to prominence.
People Involved: Sabrina Grimm

Daphne Grimm
William Charming
Relda Grimm
Jacob Grimm II
Scarlet Hand
Big Bad Wolf

Final Outcome: Future has been changed
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors

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