The Dwarves
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Species: Everafter
Gender: Male
Fairy Tale: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves"
Mr. One
Mr. Two
Mr. Three
Mr. Four
Mr. Five
Mr. Six
Mr. Seven
Aliases: The Six Dwarves
The Seven Dwarves
Status: Alive, except for Mr. Seven
Appearances: Once Upon a Crime
The Inside Story
 In Book Four, the six dwarves are the inhabitants of the abandoned subway under New York City. Along with Mr. Seven, they make up the seven dwarves of the Snow White fairytale. 


The dwarves living in New York City are Mr. One, Mr. Two, Mr. Three, Mr. Four, Mr. Five, and Mr. Six. Mr. Seven lives in Ferryport Landing. Some of the dwarfs are brothers, others are cousins.  

They are all described as being very short and odd-looking. However, the six dwarves are all very agile and adventurous, as shown in their ability to fight the Yahoos. 

Role in Books

The dwarves appear in Once Upon a Crime as inhabitants of an abandoned subway system under New York City. They help the girls chase down Cobweb, a murder suspect. Their train is attacked by Yahoos, which they fight off with the help of Daphne Grimm.  

The six NYC dwarves are shown to have a strong dislike of fairies, and Moth demonstrates that the feeling is mutual. (It's unknown whether Mr Seven shares this dislike; he's never shown to have a problem with Puck.) They are not citizens of Faerie, though they live nearby. Instead there is an agreement that they don't encroach on each other's space.  

In The Inside Story, the Grimm family enter Snow White's story in the Book of Everafter. There they run into the counterparts of all seven dwarves acting out their original roles.


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