Snow Queen's Homeland
Girls fall down snowy hill
Location: Hall of Wonders
Age: Unknown
Fairy Tale: The Snow Queen
by Hans Christian Andersen
Residents: The Snow Queen
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors

The Snow Queen's Homeland is the birthplace of an Everafter called the Snow Queen, documented by Hans Christian Andersen. The Snow Queen's Homeland is an extremely frigid environment full of snow, ice boulders, several steep embankments, and a forest described to be "frozen stiff". In the fifth book of the Sisters Grimm, Sabrina and Daphne visited this setting to practice "escape training" so they can be proper detectives.


According to Han
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Puck's Chimpanzees face down the girls during escape training.

s Christian Andersen, the location of the Snow Queen's Homeland in his fairy tale The Snow Queen is in the permafrost environment of Spitsbergen (near the North Pole). In the Sisters Grimm series, you can also access this place via the original magic mirror.


  • The forest may be made of fir trees.
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