Rage Stars
Rage Stars poster
Location: Ferryport Landing Elementary
Members: Children of Ferryport Landing Elementary
Enemies: The Grimm Family
Fairy Tale: Specific to The Sisters Grimm
Aims: To help children off-load all their feelings - particularly stress and anger (facade)

To supply Rumpelstiltskin with the raw energy he could eat from the children's emotions (actual)

Status: Disbanded
Appearances: The Unusual Suspects
Rage Stars was a group founded and run by Casper Sheepshank, the school counsellor of Ferryport Landing. The group was set up with the idea to encourage children to express their feelings to Mr. Sheepshank rather than bottle them up. Here, the students would be encouraged to vent their frustration, pour out their anger and shout out their woes that may have arisen from the torturous period of being a teenager.

Unbeknownst to the students, the club has a darker motive behind it - Casper Sheepshank, friendly school counsellor and the man the man with the ever cheery smile is actually the Everafter Rumpelstiltskin! With his human disguise, Rumpelstiltskin encourages the students to let loose with all their feelings, feeding off of the energy that their passionate emotions create, and thus providing him a raw energy of his own. The Everafter also has the power to manipulate people's emotions so when the students participated in the 'club' he would amp up the anger they were feeling and feed off of their emotions.

At first, although Rage Stars was a club with an ulterior motive, Rumpelstiltskin used the club to feed himself and for his own purposes. However, after the Everafter got drawn into the Scarlet Hand, the already questionable club became far more sinister; Rumpelstiltskin used all the energy he could feed off from the kids to supply himself with a lot of raw energy. This left the kids feeling lethargic and weak throughout the day, whilst Rumpelstiltskin was packing enough power to be a walking nuclear bomb, the power of which, he intended, was to be usen to break through the Barrier.

See Rumpelstiltskin for more details.

It is unknown whether the club was a popular choice or not, though it can be assumed it was fairly used by the students as Rumpelstiltskin was satiated for many years before he got involved in the coup with the Scarlet Hand.

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