Puck's Chimpanzees
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Species: Chimpanzees
Gender: Male
Aliases: Maggots
Appearances: The Problem Child
Magic and Other Misdemeanors
Puck's chimpanzees act as the Trickster King's army from The Problem Child onwards, helping him with his many pranks. Puck somehow managed to acquire the chimpanzees sometime between the creation of his Magical Bedroom towards the end of The Fairy-Tale Detectives and The Problem Child, and often addresses them as his 'minions' or his 'maggots'. The chimpanzees are very sensitive about being called monkeys and live in Puck's room with the Faerie prince.

Although Puck clearly establishes dominion over them, his chimpanzees seem to love his juvenile behaviour and often crowd around him at the first chance to perform mischievous acts. From Magic and Other Misdemeanors, Puck's chimpanzees also aid him with Sabrina and Daphne's escape training. Although Puck treats them as his inferiors, he states that he misses them in The Council of Mirrors and is excited when Bunny Lancaster says she can open the room to his door so he can get the chimpanzees in order to help him set traps around Fort Charming for the Scarlet Hand.

Known Chimpanzees

  • Sullivan
  • Johnson


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