Phil Frank
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Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Teenage
Gloria Frank (mother)
Skin color: White
Hair color: Blond
Status: Alive
Appearances: "Once Upon a Crime"

Phil Frank is Gloria Frank's son. He and his mother reside in Sabrina and Daphne Grimm's former apartment that they lived in with their parents, Henry and Veronica in New York City. A minor character, he appears briefly in Once Upon a Crime, where Daphne and Sabrina are surprised to see that their old apartment is no longer theirs.

Phil is a tall, teenage boy with curly blonde hair. He has an interest in acting, as his mother gushes that he played the part of Puck in his school's production of a Midsummer's Night Dream, much to Sabrina's amusement. He is portrayed as the steroeotypical teenage boy, addicted to handheld computer games and headphones.

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