Mrs. Applebee
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Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Thomas Applebee (husband)
Unnamed sister
Skin color: Unknown
Hair color: Unknown
Status: Unknown
Appearances: "The Fairy-Tale Detectives"
Mrs. Applebee is the wife of Thomas Applebee, the farmer whose farm was crushed by the giant Jack the Giant Killer sent in The Fairy-Tale Detectives.

After finding Thomas' with no recollection of the giant's destruction, Relda, Daphne and a reluctant Sabrina approach Mrs. Applebee to question her instead. However, she is unable to answer their questions as she tearfully recounts that she was in New York at the time with her sister. She tells the Grimm that an Englishman had approached her husband and her with the intention of buying their plot of land; when they refused, he turned nasty. However, the Englishman returned a few days letter, apologising for his behaviour and offering two tickets to New York as a gesture of apology. With Thomas unable to attend, Mrs.Applebee took her sister along with her instead.

When they got to New York, they were horribly surprised - their tickets were fake and so they had to spend their own money into renting an infested hotel room. When she returned to Ferryport Landing, she found the couple's farm in ruins. She blames her husband's memory loss on the medication. An empathetic Relda goes onto blow Forgetful Dust over Mrs.Applebee and plants the idea that she had a wonderful time in New York, leaving her with no memory of the ordeal she went through.

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