Morgan le Fay's Apartment
Puss in Boots
Location: Ferryport Landing
Fairy Tale: Specific to The Sisters Grimm
Residents: Morgan le Fay
Mordred le Fay
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors
Morgan le Fay's apartment is situated in Ferryport Landing near the Metro North station. For a home of an enchantress, it is "nothing fancy", as it is old and in need of many repairs based on the large amount of men that like to fix things for Morgan.


From the outside of le Fay's house there is a crumbling pavement pathway through an untended yard leading to the front door. Inside there is  often the loud noises of the violent video games Mordred plays. The ground around where Mordred sits is scattered with fast food containers/wrappers. Mordred's room, as Morgan reports, is very hard to vacuum because of all of the action figures he leaves on the ground.

5.3 Header

Mordred le Fay plays video games in his mother's apartment.


The apartment's basement is described as "damp and cluttered."


Magic and Other Misdemeanors

In book five, le Fay requests the help of the Grimms and Puss in Boots to find out who stole her Wonder Clock.

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