Morgan Le Fay and Mr. Seven's wedding
Location: Fort Charming
Duration: One day
How it Occurred: Following a blooming romance, Mr Seven and Morgan le Fay get married
People Involved: Bride: Morgan le Fay
Groom: Mr. Seven
Guests: Sabrina, Puck, Daphne, William Charming, The Scarecrow,
Final Outcome: No longer married, due to a death
Appearances: The Council of Mirrors

During The Council of Mirrors, a romance develops between Mr. Seven and Morgan le Fay, that eventually results in a surprise wedding. Although the two were very much in love, the wedding was kept a secret from Morgan up until she walked up the make-shift aisle, whilst the entire camp prepared for the event.

Charming and Seven took the opportunity to boost the very low morale of Charming's Army, encouraging everyone to participate and celebrate. Goldilocks distracted Morgan whilst the rest of the camp prepared. Though no one had any fancy clothes for the occasion, Daphne used Twilarose's wand to change everyone's clothing to suit the occasion. After a short ceremony, Charming delivered a speech and the Grimms and Everafters danced.

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