The Scarlet Hand
The Scarlet Hand
Warning - Spoiler Alert!
The following page contains content that reveals the plot-line for the later books and/or a character's development
Magic Mirror
Mirror Full shot
Species: Everafter
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Fairy Tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Bunny Lancaster (creator) = White
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: The Master
Status: Deceased
Appearances: The Fairy-Tale Detectives
The Unusual Suspects
The Problem Child
Once Upon a Crime
Magic and Other Misdemeanors
Tales from the Hood
The Everafter War
The Inside Story
The Council of Mirrors

'THEY ALL DIE gic mirror that Bunny Lancaster created. The mirror resides in Relda Grimm's house and Mirror himself is treated as a member of the family, guarding the Hall of Wonders which contains all the magical artefacts the Grimm family protect. After Sabrina Grimm arrives in Ferryport Landing Mirrorily settles into her life as a fairy-tale detective. He is balding, slightly large an who often wears a suit.

Early Life

Mirror was created by Bunny Lancaster, out of a black blob and powerful magic. He became the guardian of the very first magic mirror and so, being the prototype, Mirror didn't get a proper name, unlike future magic mirrors.

Mirror reports of being in the care of tyrants and other disrespectful owners throughout his life. Eventually, he came to be possessed by Snow White who later went on to give him to the Grimm family for safe-keeping. Wilhelm was the first Grimm to own him, and a bitter Mirror relates to Sabrina and Daphne that he was not treated well at the hand of heir ancestors. However, by the time Relda became a part of the Grimm family (through her marriage to Basil Grimm), Mirror too was treated as a family member as he helped train a young Jake and Henry. He also attended Henry's wedding to Veronica.  Mirror was kept in a small closet and was later moved to Jake's room after the Grimm left Ferryport Landing.

Although he is a great friend to Sabrina and Daphne, it becomes increasingly clear that Mirror is very resentful of the ill treatment he receives at the hands of others. Above all other relationships, Mirror's relationship with Bunny is the worst, as he accuses her of being "a cold, uncaring woman who treated me like property."

I suppose your mirror didn't get a name because the Wicked Queen didn't feel it was necessary...she was never big on personalization.
~ Harry (Charming's magic mirror) , from {{{3}}}

Mirror bitterly regards Bunny as his 'mother' - the woman who created him and then abandoned him as she went on to create more elaborate magical mirrors that were an improvement of himself. As the series goes on, Mirror states that he is tired of living his life in servitude to others in a mirror that limits his freedom. He also states that he no longer wants to be viewed as inferior to others, as he often is by almost everyone except the Grimms.

The Scarlet Hand
The Scarlet Hand
Warning - Spoiler Alert!
The following page contains content that reveals the plot-line for the later books and/or a character's development

Scarlet Hand

At the end of Book 7, Mirror was revealed to be the Master.


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