Minerva Smirt
Social Worker
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Late fifties
Skin color: White
Hair color: Grey
Aliases: Ms. Smirt
Status: Alive
Appearances: The Fairy-Tale Detectives
The Unusual Suspects
Once Upon a Crime
The Everafter War
Ms. Minerva Smirt is Daphne's and Sabrina's caseworker. She always places the girls with bad foster families and calls them by the wrong name. It is unknown if she does this on purpose or out of ignorance. Smirt is gotten rid of for good in the seventh book, after Sabrina's mother, Veronica Grimm, threatens the caseworker to stay away from her children. She is a cold and mean woman, but in the second book, it is proven from the book Finding Mr. Right that she carries, Smirt is lonely and wishes for a man in her life.


Book 1: The Fairy Tale Detectives

Smirt is introduced on the train that is taking Sabrina and Daphne to Relda Grimm. She clearly disliked the girls and hoped that it would be the last time seeing them.

Book 2: The Unusual Suspects

In book two, Smirt came to the Grimm house to take Sabrina and Daphne away from Granny Relda, because the two girls were not going to school. Relda did not mean to break the law; in fact, she pushed the girls to go to school but Sabrina and Daphne wanted to stay in the house to research hints to wake up their parents (usually by feigning illness). Elvis the dog pounced on Ms. Smirt, and the family agreed only to get Elvis off in Smirt did not take them away and simply take them to school. Smirt agreed and took them to Ferryport Landing Elementary, where she flirted with the school counselor, Mr. Sheepshank (Rumplestiltskin in disguise). Sabrina saw that Smirt carried the book Finding Mr. Right, and realized that Smirt was a lonely woman.

Book 3: The Problem Child

Book 7: The Everafter War


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