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July 21, 2013
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  • My occupation is Serial Wiki Updater, Obsessive Reader, Dedicated Fan-Girl
  • I am panicking over my exams
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  • Hi! I'm a huge fan of the Shades of London series, and I'm new to editing Wiki pages, though I frequently read/visit them. I was sad to see how bare the wiki is, so I'm looking to help with editing the pages - supplying more information on anything, really. 

    Like I said, I'm new to this. I've briefly worked with HTML and know a very little bit about it. I'm very good with written but have the artistic ability of a lamppost. So, what can I do?

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    • HI!

      Firstly, I'm soooo glad there is someone else on the wiki becuase it's a veritable ghost town that I've been posting on whenever I have the chance. So I'm so glad that there is someone else who can edit on the wiki! I literally threw my hands in the air and killed my friend with my happiness :)

      I'm not a dictator about the wiki - if you have anything to add to any of the pages, feel free :) Honestly, everything needs to be edited on the wiki - I'm gonna rejig the homepage a bit so it's more fluid. If you want direction with what you want to edit then, since you're good with written, perhaps you could start on the character profiles or with the plot-line for the two books? I want to add more people to the character boxes at the front because it's currently an odd number and it's killing me :3

      Thanks again!!

      P.S - If you get this twice, that's 'cause I've posted it on your Sisters Grimm Wiki Message Wall and Shades of London Message Wall - not becuase I'm overeager or anything :S

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  • Sorry, but I just have to make a new thread. The last one is just WAY too long and my computer is taking for ever to load GIFs and what not, so it's just getting hard to use. :P

    Haha, yeah, I spent a while staring at it as well. It's so hypnotizing. o.O

    Haha, it has been busy. We ran out of propane yesterday, so we couldn't heat the house, and since we live on top of a mountain and we have 3-4 feet of snow, no propane company really wants to come all the way up here. :/ It was freezing last night, but I survived it!! They refilled the tank today, so I no longer have to hid under a blanket whenever I try to do anything. :P

    Ehehe, my dad forced my little brother to wash some dishes tonight so I was just like


    Ooh, a new photocopy machine! That actually sounds kinda fun, I know what you mean. Only we could find joy in photocopying pages. :P Gah, lucky... (yes, I said holiday aloud :P) Our next break isn't until April. *sobs*

    Tumblr inline mf90gpv7nu1rbvme0-1-

    It's so far!! *sobs even more*

    More Gross Sobbing

    Honestly, if someone writes that in your yearbook, you should at least have the right to scribble random nonsense in their's. :P

    Haha, I KNOW. Gollum is just plain awesome! Sometimes, I like to think of what filming for those movies looks like, and how silly everyone with motion capture looks. xD

    Yeah, they did it for the Winter Olympics, which I actually haven't really been watching. (I know, way to support my country) A lot of the sports are really boring to watch, like curling, but I can never catch all the interesting ones, like skeleton or ice skating. Yes, ice skating. It's so cool to watch, mostly because I know that I could never ever in a million years do it. I could barely make it around the ice rink without falling over this year. xD

    Me on ice

    Yeah, I think that it will probably be available in the UK afterwards. USA Network will probably post it on their YouTube. Haha, I told you to be patient! I wuv Shules, but there is actually another couple on the show that I like better. I shall not say anything else. :3

    I have seen that GIF as well, seeing as how I just used a variant of it, and I only have one thing to say: Supernatural. :P They truly do have a GIF for all occasions.

    Haha, they would totally do that. I think that they probably will now. :P Ehehe, if I ran a TV show, there is NO way that I would let my family on it. They would probably screw it all up. xD Oh gosh, I can see it now: the incredible overacting, the unintentionally comedic scenes, the multiple takes, and the incredibly large blooper reel. I wouldn't be that worried about my older brother, but I think my younger one would try to wreck it on purpose. He would be making weird faces and screwing up the lines and it would be a total mess. If I ever get a TV show, he is banned from the set at all times. :P

    Wow, that must be kinda awful. If it rained here all the time, I really don't know what I'd do. Haha, I was just typing all of this out in our living room, and my dad and siblings are watching TV, and I heard a voice say "...what do you think about that, Jack?!?" over the speakers, and I literally shouted "THAT'S PSYCH - SEASON 6, EPISODE 2: LAST NIGHT GUS" and then my brother shouted back "THAT'S SCARY" cause I was totally right. Just thought that I'd share that. :3 Anywho, back to the weather. It's pretty temperate here, cause I am on the east coast. I hope you guys do get snow. We actually got so much snow that the fence around our yard is only about a foot tall now.. :P it used to be about 3-4 feet, but with all this snow, my dog can hop over it. It's actually kinda funny. :P

    Haha, check out Canada's apology.

    Canada Apology

    I know! It feels so weird to actually converse with someone else besides you on this wiki. We should all get on chat sometime. :P

    Grits... Hmm.. This is actually a tough one for me, cause I am in the North, and grits are, like, southern-ish food. It was originally a Native-American food made from corn, but now it's pretty much made for breakfasts. It's actually pretty much the same thing as porridge, so that probably helps a bit. We do have this thing called "Cream of Wheat" which is essentially just grits with little fruits bits or flavoring that you pour water into and it gets all breakfasty and what not.

    Cream of Wheat
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    • Sorry that I am responding so late, I have literally only been able to get on for a 3 minute gap on my little brother's Nook each day!!! I wasn't able to use my laptop that I share with my older brother because he was using it for homework and whatnot all week and I wasn't able to get on, since it was always in his clutch. :P Also, it's been a really depressing week for me. :P My iPod went through the washing machine last week and even though I put it in rice, it died. I could have SWORN that it wasn't in my pants (or trousers, as you would say :P)!! I remember watching Frozen, and then taking my iPod and putting it on my dresser. And not touching it. 2 day later, it was in the wash...

      A wedding!! *squee* What fun!! I have never been to a wedding for several reasons, mainly being that I don't know anyone getting married. :P The finale was AMAZING. It was seriously the BEST finale for a TV show ever. They wrapped everything up so nicely and it was amazing. :3 It was so epic!! I almost cried, but I didn't, solely for the sake of not getting mocked by my family. :P

      They just played the cast's favorite episodes, so it wasn't like I really missed too much. :P If I want to, I can just watch them on Netflix and everything will be fine. :P The afershow was actually rather boring, because they took WAY too many dang commercial breaks. It's so frustrating!! Haha, yeah, it is kinda funny the way I can do that. xD My only complaint is that when you are under the covers with a computer, it gets REALLY warm. Like, a fire is about to light. xD I have no clue what props they were, but that would be awesome if they gave out pineapples!! Speaking of which, I saw some pineapple trees for sale today. It was so weird, cause I have never seen them before!

      Exactly!! I feel like the only person my age who hasn't hopped on the media bandwagon! It kinda scares me the way that you can just look up a person's name and get all of the things related to them.. It's so stalkery. If anything, I would get a Twitter so that I could "stalk" my favorite celebrities, but even then, I wouldn't attach it to my actual name and address and whatnot. :P


      ^that's me, stalking them from the wilds of the internet :P^

      Haha, yeah, it is an interesting class. We finished up our community project, and we got a 100, so that was awesome.


      Old books smell AMAZING!! Actually, any book smells amazing. Especially bookstores. Oh, they smell like heaven. :3 I love them so much!! :D


      Ah, you finally witnessed the pants spawned from idiocy in public. :P I have seen people wear them on the street while in the car, but have never actually been walking along and seen someone wearing them. I would immediately head in the other direction and attempt to avoid all possible contact with them, lest some of their idiocy wear off onto me (as if it would...). :P

      Nope Nope Nope

      It's really long, but really good. And they sing throughout the ENTIRE movie. Literally. There are only a few spoken lines and they are sort of sung/spoken. :P Yes, I agree. His cheekbones are amazing. xD What is it with British people and cheekbones?? Is there some sort of Cheekbone Academy that you guys are hiding over there?? xD

      Speaking of England, my uncle (who lives in Henley [I have no clue where that is or how close it is relative to you xD]) met the Queen, Prince William, and Prince Harry on Monday!!!! I know, you probably think that I am making this up. xD I'm not. He has been living in England for the last 13 to 15-ish years and is a citizen. He is the vice-president on the board of a school over there (which I literally didn't know until my dad told me 2 days ago), and apparently, the royal family visited the school on Monday! And because he is on the board, he got to meet them!! I am still freaking out and, literally, the first thing I said was "We can use the 6 degrees of connection to connect us to the cast of the Avengers now!!" xD I clearly have my priorities straight. :P

      Fangirling Paul

      xD I did love the "fluffy" part. It's been a REALLY long time since I've seen that movie, though, so I don't remember that much of it except that it wasn't very funny at the time. :P Yes, that is an awesome GIF. xD I love that movie so much!! I also just saw Frozen recently, and to be honest, it was nowhere near as good as I thought that it would be. I thought that it was going to be so much better than it was, because everyone said that it was AMAZING, but it didn't really live up to my expectations.

      xD That is a brilliant GIF! Haha, I have seen the "Travolitfy Your Name" thingy before. My name is 'Russell Lopeez' apparently. xD Even though I am a girl. xD

      Too Funny

      I completely agree!! It felt like Suzanne Collins completely just threw in the towel and didn't know how she was going to end it. I can't understand why they would split it up into 2 movies, nothing really happened over the course of the book! It's going to be unbearable to watch if they don't stuff some extra plot into it... YES!! Finnick's death just felt like a poorly done plot device used only to keep the readers reading the book (which doesn't even make sense!!!). I will still see the movies, though, because Jennifer Lawrence. :3 No other reason is necessary. :P

      I know... It's tragic, really. I swear, something is not right with her. I just don't know what happened. I didn't watch the Disney channel while she was on it, but from what I saw, she seemed like every other Disney star - slightly annoying, can't act, but mostly harmless. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that all of this would happen.

      Her quote about Wrecking Ball is disturbing, it really is. To me, the wrecking ball symbolizes the drugs and crazy things that she is doing right now to herself, the hammer symbolizes the object of torture people want to hit themselves with after seeing her music video, and her licking the hammer is really just side effects from all the drugs she's been smoking. :P That's how my sarcastic brain analyzed it anyway. :P

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    • No problem - your week sounds amazingly busy - aren't you on your Easter Holiday yet? Yeah, I might be late at replying a few times since, as of May, I am officially on exam mode and I don't think my parents would allow me anywhere near Wikia in general until it's all over :( Haha, yeah I swear all handheld electronic devices are part of major techno-suicide conspiracy in which they all develop minds of their owns and end up in the washing machine. Or down the plughole resulting in anguished few minutes where your hand scrapes at the insides of the pipes and then your hand feels contiminated FOREVER :3

      Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You've never been to a wedding! Woooow. I almost envy you, purely because all the weddings I've been to have been Asian (side-effects of having a Bangladeshi family) and they have been the most boring thing imaginable. You may think I'm over-exaggerating but really, they are: as guests, you go there and sit at your consigned table until the food comes. And then Bengali people operate on (this is an actual thing) Bengali time, meaning that if the food was billed to come at 1pm, it would actually come out at 3pm. At the earliest. However, said food is the upside of the weddings since it makes up about 70% of the actual wedding itself, so the food is more the centre of focus than the happy couple :S But it's food, so I'm not complaining


      THIS particular wedding was brilliant however, because I am the cousin of the bride so I actually had something to do than just sitting and staring into oblivion. And I was stuck on camera duty so I actually had something to do other than being forced into the family photos and smiling widely whislt being hugged by various people I don't know. But there were 3 separate cakes so I was like:

      Please yes

      YAY! I'm glad that it didn't end appallingly which would have given Psychos (I can't get over how awesome that fan-name is - it's like, could they have chosen a TV show title that would set up fans so perfectly?) a serious complex due to the lack of closure. I probably would have/ WILL do cry 'cause I can't deal effectively with endings. Onto Psych endings, however - YIN 3 IN 2D!!! I watched it yesterday I think and can I just say that the people who come up with these plots are really clever? Kinda psychotic but still clever? I love, love, love the whole Yin/Yang thing even though it creeps the living crap out of me and YANG KILLED HER FATHER!!! I think I may have started hyperventilating by that point.


      ^love the show. 'Tis awesome and amazing and I'm mad at myself for currently not keeping up with the episodes.

      Aww, that's sweet. I can't stand ad breaks but I love adverts, er commercials, because I love watching how they becomes more and more ridiculous as time goes and on. For example:

      ^This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life. I actually hate this advert with a strong passion so I force myself to watch it whenever it comes on just so I can be all like "I Hate THIS."^

      Eeek, I wouldn't be able to have a laptop under the covers, purely because I'm paranoid about killing my eyes and the light kills me at 1am in the morning. Huh, I've never seen pineapple trees either, now you come to mention it...

      Yes, I've kind of been scared off the social network craze due to all the talks we have at school about people being groomed and stalked and various other ill-fated issues. And, yeah, also because there are people creepy enough out there who could easily use your profile to locate you. Yeeaah,I think I manage to stalk everyone I like without making a Twitter account, which is worrying :S However, my biggest beef with social networks is the incessant need to take selfies, and that too in that horrid pouty. I admit, I did get tumblr a month ago because I finished the Shades of London book series and couldn't cope with the feels so I had to send the author a post asking "WHYYYYYYYY???", but then I got a poSt last week saying that there had been a security breach and that I should probably change my password and that my account has been very very active even though I haven't been on it since I cyber-stalked the author. This is why I hate social media.



      Enough said, Methinks :)

      WHOO! I'm glad you got 100 in your little Rchie town - just out of curiosity, what did you name it?

      Yes, I saw them in public. And now, because we've started to rant about current trends, can I also bring up the recently gone (thank GOD) hair disaster that was incessant backcombing? It's like girls brush their hair so it looks like they don't brush their hair and looks severely damaged in the first place. Why? Just why?

      Yeah. I've been treated to my best friend just randomly singing "Jean Valjean." at random moments of my life. Eddie Redmayne was my first ever tv crush BECAUSE of his cheekbones. Pfft, of course there's a Cheekbone Academy over in Britain - it's mandatory for all teeangers and is basically a class where we look at various facial structures and sigh and swoon over their cheeks. And then we swoon some more. I strongly suggest America takes it up :D

      ^What we get assessed on in Cheekbone Academy^

      Okay, so I didn't eve know that Henley was in England so no judging. But oh my gawsh! I would love to meet the queen - I didn't even know I was so patriotic until the marriage of Kate and Wills where I just died with excitement. Which is kind of sad but I was like "Arghhh! They are our future!". Oooh, I envy your uncle and the 6 degrees of connection you have to the Avengers now. (They're 6 degrees more than me so be proud, and of course you're priorities are straight!)


      FROZEN IS AMAZING AND I LOVE KRISTOFF AND SVEN AND OLAF! And, whilst I absolutely love Romantic Movies/Book/Everything, it was nice to have a film which focused on a different kind of love and one that left you feeling happy even with Elsa being without a romantic interest. But again, I see what you mean with all they hype - it wasn't drop-dead amazing as everyone says it was. AND I called Hans being evil.

      Yes i did

      Yeah - it's annoying how pretty much every film Fandom is now following Harry Potter and splitting the last book into two films. But Harry Potter was AMAZING and I really don't think Mockingyay will be unless they add stuff like crazy. YES!!! (Hehe, beat you with exclamation marks by one) and Prim's death was just like, "Well this is a death free-for-all now, isn't it?" Though admittedly, her death had more meaning than Finnick's which happened way too fast and he didn't meet his baby and I hated the whole thing altogether. And Gale just got shoved off to another district so Peeta and Katniss could get together so that whole relationship had NO. CLOSURE.

      Haha, I much prefer your version as to what Wrecking Ball symbolises - what idiot goes around licking 'pain', putting ideas into teenagers minds that pain should be embraced by wearing provocative clothing and smoking pot? I just can't believe how some girls use her as a role-model for female empowerment and independence.


      Completely off-topic: have you been keeping up with the trial of Oscar Pistorius? If so, are you inclined in anyway to either believe him to be guilty or not guilty?

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  • How do you do redirects for pages? I'm asking because I've noticed that quite a few hyperlinks of the word "barrier" don't go to any page, because the hyperlink says "Barrier" or "Magic barrier" instead of "Ferryport Landing Barrier." I'm wondering if I can somehow redirect "barrier" or "magic barrier" to "Ferryport Landing Barrier."

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  • I was totally about to ask for help with inserting hyperlinks, but I just figured it out. :) Yaay!

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  • Yesterday, this wiki got 900 views - like 900!

    Also, I've spent ages trying to figure out what your avatar says, but 'nehpets' means nada to me.

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  • Is there anyway you can change the way "Sisters grimm" is capitalized? When whoever it was found this wiki, they didn't capitalize correctly and it's bugging the heck out of me.. :P

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    • Oh My God - I totally know! It really irritates me that the 'g' is small! Personally, I also think that it should be 'The Sisters Grimm.Wikia' rather than 'Sistersgrimm. wikia' too.

      I've been looking at the admin dashboard thing, and there is nothing that enables me to do that. I'll see if anyone at community central is able to help :)

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