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  • I live in the book I am currently reading.
  • I was born on August 21
  • My occupation is Serial Wiki Updater, Obsessive Reader, Dedicated Fan-Girl
  • I am panicking over my exams
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  • I want to create a new page for the Council of Mirrors, aka, that group of magic mirrors that play a big role in the last book. The only problem is, of course, that there's already a page for The Council of Mirrors (the book). So should I name the new page The Council of Mirrors (characters), or The Council of Mirrors (group of characters), or something like that? Or should I be sneaky and call it Council of Mirrors without the "The?" 

    Basically, I want to know if there's a preferred format for this kind of thing. If it doesn't matter to you, I can figure out a manageable way on my own. 

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  • Sorry to come out of nowhere like this, but I clicked through to this wiki through its Spotlight and I just want to say that the way you customised this wiki's Navbar is bloody amazing! It is easily the best Navbar customisation job I have seen around Wikia, and I just thought you should know how good it is. Mind if I take a little inspiration from your code there in future? :)

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    • Oh hi!

      Aww, thank you, thank you so much :) You are absolutely more than welcome to take whatever inspiration you need from the CSS codes - do you need a link or something?

      Thanks again :)

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  • So as you are the admin here... I shall ask you :P

    I noticed the character templates have a category 'Aliases'. My question is, what counts as an ailas? Is it a name used consistently, like a nickname that stuck (for example, 'Old Lady' from Puck), or is it anytime a character is referred to be a name other than their own?


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    • Ah hello!

      Firstly, welcome to the wiki and thanks for editing :)

      It's both really - primarily a nickname that has stuck like 'Old Lady' but if you have instances where they are called something once, then you would reference the book where it was mentioned next to the name so it's evident it's just a one off thing.

      Does that make sense? :s

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  • Whoa. This place has sure changed since the last time I visited. I need to quit dropping off the face of the earth for such long periods at a time. 

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  • Hi there!

    I came across your wiki- and wow, you've done such an incredible job! My name is Ariana- I'm on the staff over here at Wikia and I work on a lot of the book wikis (primarily at the Books Hub). If you ever need help or want something in particular promoted, let me know and maybe I can help!

    Have a good week :) Asnow89 @@Wikia (profile)•(talk) 00:23, December 3, 2014 (UTC)

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    • OK I created a template for the character portal here and put it on the main page-- this should let you change anything you want without messing it up! Let me know if there are more problems :D

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    • Aah, thank you :)

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  • So there's a lot of cool fan art for this series, especially on deviantART. Edessa runs a group page for it all, and I was wondering what you thought about creating a space on here for it? I know there's a space for fanfiction (though I haven't been through it), so maybe we should make one for fanart. What do you think?

    Edessa, if you see this, I'd like to hear your thoughts as well, since you have so much to do with the group on dA :)

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    • Yep. 200 days and I won't even get a badge until I complete a full year - a badge which I should have got last July and then the bug happened :(

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    • Nice. Way to go, wikia. 

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  • I noticed there are a lot of book illustrations and chapter headers uploaded, but only for the first three or so books. I'm curious--where did you get them? I'd like to upload more books' illustrations if I can, but I want to know whether I should scan them or whether there's another source where you got all the good-looking images that are up so far. 

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    • YOU CAN RENAME PICTURES? Tell me how to do this, because lots of the ones I uploaded have stupid unsearchable titles because I wasn't paying attention. 

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    • I'm not sure if it's a function available to everyone, but if you click the down button beside the red edit one beside the title of the page, it should have a list of other options - rename should be one. If you can't find it then it might just be something that admins have - if so, let me know which ones you want me to rename and want you want me to rename them to :)

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  • I just came back from seven months without Internet, and I checked back on this wiki and it seems so... silent...

    Are you, the admin, at least still alive?

    Or have you been zombified like the rest of them....

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    • Haha - I'm still alive :) Though not active yet - I've just started college and I'm getting used to the workload which leaves no time for any life outside of studying.

      Blanket assurance though - I do check up on this wiki everyday and I am genuinely trying to manage my workload so I can build up this wiki and the other two that I've let fall aside. (I'm failing at trying but.) There is absolutely no way I'm going to let this wiki be shoved under my studies and I will start editing with a maniacal vengeance as soon as the college allows me to breathe without talking about deadlines.

      But I'll be back really soon.... I'll not let college zombify me :D

      And thanks for calling my attention back here - I thought no one would notice if I left it for a bit since it's a veritable ghost town on here. But evidently, I was wrong and there have been many awesome people editing whilst I've been a bad admin.

      I apologise, fellow fans.

      Keep being pucktastic.

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    • Heh, I know what you mean about college sucking time away. I'm supposed to be working on an essay right now. But who cares, Sisters Grimm is waaay more important, right?

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    • Absolutely! Fandom always comes first :D

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  • Hi! I'm a huge fan of the Shades of London series, and I'm new to editing Wiki pages, though I frequently read/visit them. I was sad to see how bare the wiki is, so I'm looking to help with editing the pages - supplying more information on anything, really. 

    Like I said, I'm new to this. I've briefly worked with HTML and know a very little bit about it. I'm very good with written but have the artistic ability of a lamppost. So, what can I do?

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    • HI!

      Firstly, I'm soooo glad there is someone else on the wiki becuase it's a veritable ghost town that I've been posting on whenever I have the chance. So I'm so glad that there is someone else who can edit on the wiki! I literally threw my hands in the air and killed my friend with my happiness :)

      I'm not a dictator about the wiki - if you have anything to add to any of the pages, feel free :) Honestly, everything needs to be edited on the wiki - I'm gonna rejig the homepage a bit so it's more fluid. If you want direction with what you want to edit then, since you're good with written, perhaps you could start on the character profiles or with the plot-line for the two books? I want to add more people to the character boxes at the front because it's currently an odd number and it's killing me :3

      Thanks again!!

      P.S - If you get this twice, that's 'cause I've posted it on your Sisters Grimm Wiki Message Wall and Shades of London Message Wall - not becuase I'm overeager or anything :S

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  • Sorry, but I just have to make a new thread. The last one is just WAY too long and my computer is taking for ever to load GIFs and what not, so it's just getting hard to use. :P

    Haha, yeah, I spent a while staring at it as well. It's so hypnotizing. o.O

    Haha, it has been busy. We ran out of propane yesterday, so we couldn't heat the house, and since we live on top of a mountain and we have 3-4 feet of snow, no propane company really wants to come all the way up here. :/ It was freezing last night, but I survived it!! They refilled the tank today, so I no longer have to hid under a blanket whenever I try to do anything. :P

    Ehehe, my dad forced my little brother to wash some dishes tonight so I was just like


    Ooh, a new photocopy machine! That actually sounds kinda fun, I know what you mean. Only we could find joy in photocopying pages. :P Gah, lucky... (yes, I said holiday aloud :P) Our next break isn't until April. *sobs*

    Tumblr inline mf90gpv7nu1rbvme0-1-

    It's so far!! *sobs even more*

    More Gross Sobbing

    Honestly, if someone writes that in your yearbook, you should at least have the right to scribble random nonsense in their's. :P

    Haha, I KNOW. Gollum is just plain awesome! Sometimes, I like to think of what filming for those movies looks like, and how silly everyone with motion capture looks. xD

    Yeah, they did it for the Winter Olympics, which I actually haven't really been watching. (I know, way to support my country) A lot of the sports are really boring to watch, like curling, but I can never catch all the interesting ones, like skeleton or ice skating. Yes, ice skating. It's so cool to watch, mostly because I know that I could never ever in a million years do it. I could barely make it around the ice rink without falling over this year. xD

    Me on ice

    Yeah, I think that it will probably be available in the UK afterwards. USA Network will probably post it on their YouTube. Haha, I told you to be patient! I wuv Shules, but there is actually another couple on the show that I like better. I shall not say anything else. :3

    I have seen that GIF as well, seeing as how I just used a variant of it, and I only have one thing to say: Supernatural. :P They truly do have a GIF for all occasions.

    Haha, they would totally do that. I think that they probably will now. :P Ehehe, if I ran a TV show, there is NO way that I would let my family on it. They would probably screw it all up. xD Oh gosh, I can see it now: the incredible overacting, the unintentionally comedic scenes, the multiple takes, and the incredibly large blooper reel. I wouldn't be that worried about my older brother, but I think my younger one would try to wreck it on purpose. He would be making weird faces and screwing up the lines and it would be a total mess. If I ever get a TV show, he is banned from the set at all times. :P

    Wow, that must be kinda awful. If it rained here all the time, I really don't know what I'd do. Haha, I was just typing all of this out in our living room, and my dad and siblings are watching TV, and I heard a voice say "...what do you think about that, Jack?!?" over the speakers, and I literally shouted "THAT'S PSYCH - SEASON 6, EPISODE 2: LAST NIGHT GUS" and then my brother shouted back "THAT'S SCARY" cause I was totally right. Just thought that I'd share that. :3 Anywho, back to the weather. It's pretty temperate here, cause I am on the east coast. I hope you guys do get snow. We actually got so much snow that the fence around our yard is only about a foot tall now.. :P it used to be about 3-4 feet, but with all this snow, my dog can hop over it. It's actually kinda funny. :P

    Haha, check out Canada's apology.

    Canada Apology

    I know! It feels so weird to actually converse with someone else besides you on this wiki. We should all get on chat sometime. :P

    Grits... Hmm.. This is actually a tough one for me, cause I am in the North, and grits are, like, southern-ish food. It was originally a Native-American food made from corn, but now it's pretty much made for breakfasts. It's actually pretty much the same thing as porridge, so that probably helps a bit. We do have this thing called "Cream of Wheat" which is essentially just grits with little fruits bits or flavoring that you pour water into and it gets all breakfasty and what not.

    Cream of Wheat
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    • I KNOW! And May's started and the only way I've been dealing with my panic is by binge watching Pirates of the Carribbean because hey, Jack Sparrow and also by rewatching my ol' Disney favourites. And also by reading the Percy Jackson series which has now re-kindled my interest in Greek and Roman mythology. Which is not the smartest move but the only way I can deal with exams is by cramming the night before. Whiiiich admittedly is awful :S. Mmm, I know what you mean, Easter just went like


      and it was over. BUT GOOD LUCK FOR MAY!

      Firstly, happy belated birthday to your sister. And OH MY GOD I'M JEALOUS. Everyone I know who has gone to see the movie loved it to pieces and I haven't seen any of the MARVEL films as of yet and that will be the first thing I do as soon as soon as exams are done. And Thor is top of the list - speaking of Tom Hiddleston, have you seen the Jaguar car advert? It has him in it and I literally fan-girled and thought of you and then fan-girled some more becuase he's talking about being a baddie and obviously Loki!


      Hehe, my turn to be amazed by how our vernacular is so different! Drain here is more like sewers and everything else related to that end of the pipe spectrum so yesh, it would be horrible to poke your hand down there :3 Tell me about it - it's like a tradition for me to lose something down the drain once every few months and I still haven't learnt to cover them yet.

      Yeah, but don't you have any cousins or cousins of your neighbours distant aunts twice removed who are getting married? Hehe, it is inanely boring and most of the time you sit there staring at the clock for a few hours. Which is obviously what you want to do at a wedding.   Meh, after two hours have passed, I'm just like FOOD! and I get to the point where anything would taste nice - even cardboard flavoured cereal without any sugar for instance ;) But the food is nice. Usually.

      ^Me when the food comes out^

      Yesh, it was fun! I probably annoyed everyone becuase I was shoving the camera in their faces but I was enjoying myself immensely. I don't really mind family photos so long as they are with people I know (I have a REALLY REALLY REALLY big extended family and I only know about 12 people) and they aren't photos of me eating/drinking/laughing or generally not being ready. Which is another part of a Bengali wedding - people on camera go round table-to-table filming people as they eat so on the  wedding video you can see yourself eating. Which, can I just say, is the most awkward situation/ pose to be in if the fork is halfway to your mouth and then the camera is suddenly on you. There's just no saving yourself from that since you can't pretend you were just itching your mouth with a full fork :(


      Oooh, an orchestra sounds fun! My family are in NO WAY musically orientated so I envy you that. But good luck to your sister!

      BUTTERCREAM IS BEAUTIFUL! I love, love, love it with carrot cake which basically tastes like you've just lost your senses and you're floating in a pool of highly concentrated Blissfully Happy.

      See, I wanted to watch Hannibal and their Fan name is cute and I didn't know it was about a cannibal so I'm no longer going to watch it. How can you base a show on that premise? Haha, that  was a good one on your sister's part - as soon as exams are over, I'm jumping on the Supernatural bandwagon.

      Oh good! They are my favourite creepy people :3 Speaking of Psych, the best episode EVER just happened; namely, "Last Night Gus". I can't even put it into words - it was frickin' HILARIOUS. And then Carlton and Marlowe!!! YAY!!!!! (Admittedly she's currently in jail where I'm at, but finally some Lassie love!) I just hope it lasts.


      It pretty much is - car and perfume adverts are on their own level of suckish. But then the Tom Hiddleston advert happened and that is the ONLY awesome car advert.

      Yeah, I wouldn't recommend getting it - I heard about Heartbleed 'cause they emailed me, telling me to change my password becuase Heartbleed is a 'very real thing'. And that it affects 2/3 of websites but apparently it's not abig hack opearation so we should 'all not worry'.

      OH MY GOSH JACK SPARROW. I just love his sheer ability to be an ingenious madman 24/7. I also liked Will and Elizabeth Turner but the end of their story is soooo sad - he only gets to meet his son once every ten years. That's basically like 6-ish times during his entire life. I don't like the newest one as much becuase they don't have Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley in but still, Jack Sparrow's there.


      Darkbar - I'm saying that in an epic, voiceover for commercials tone of voice. It sounds epic.

      I will utilise those six degrees of connection as much as I can - if I ever meet the Queen, I will mention you and she'll be like "shall we discuss this over dinner?" and then I'll say, "only if my American friend can come along." And then she'll send a helicopter flown by Tom Hiddleston to pick you up because she's proud of the six degrees of connection she has with you.  And then you'll end up getting a knight-hood but for females and become an honorary member of the Cheekbone Academy, of which you shall become the US ambassador - (that's another thing. If you're a female and the Queen is gonna 'knight' you, what title do you get? I'm thinking 'Lady' but then she can't go around blessing people with their Ladyhood...can she?)

      Oh my gawsh, Flynn Ryder. I watched Tangled over and over and over again for Eugene Fitzherbert. I just, I love him. Oooh, I never saw that - Hans Christian Anderson and Hans Kristoff Anna Sven. Oooh...


      Yeah, I heard/ read/ suffered through intense fan-girling over that. I get what they are trying to do 'cause expanding the Harry Potter universe is going to rake in even more cash, but I do think it would be best to call it quits and just end on a really big high. Or go ahead and make A movie for Fantastic Beasts but not three! The book is nowhere near big enough! And I'm pretty sure when that trilogy has gone, the other companion books will also be made into films. See again with The Hobbit - the book isn't big enough for three films! They risk destroying the awesomeness of any book by stretching it out longer than necessary. Wait - one film is three hours long? AND it's going to be a trilogy?

      Why would you do that

      I KNOW!!! And whilst I'm Team Peeta, I do think Gale deserved some final parting words with Katniss before altogether moving from her life. Even if she was unsure whether or not she blamed him for her sister's death. Yeah, Peter was damaged but I see where Collins was going - even if he wasn't as perfect as before by the end. *sniff* I just hope they have a scene between Gale and her in the films AND ALSO SOME MORE CLOSURE REGARDING ANNIE AND FINNICK. he never even saw his baby...

      Not true

      Thank you! It's actually nice to hear that there are people who don't believe Miley Cyrus to be a role model for female liberation. But then you've also got Lady Gaga (really, you're gonna wear meat to an awards ceremony?) and Rhianna who are pretty much scantily clad 24/7. And they are heroes to many a teenage girl these days. It's sad. I am hoping beyond all hope that J-Law doesn't screw because she is 50 Shades of awesome as she is.

      No, I'm exactly the same, like REAALY bad at reading evidence - if anything, I always support the underdogs and people who are crying. Which he did. A lot. But there's loads of loose ends to his story that don't add up. Argh! Anyway...really random question but it's about The Sisters Grimm: How would you feel if there was to be a movie on it?

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    • SO SORRY that I haven't responded in a while. I was going to last week, but then I got sick and my brother (with whom I share my computer with) wouldn't let me touch the computer until I was slightly better because he didn't want to get sick, and I couldn't use the main computer because the rest of my family was freaking out about my icky-sicky germs as well, and I did nothing much blow my nose and sleep horribly for an entire week. I am a little better now, but my nose can still transform a 6 ounce tissue into a 2 pound ball of mush within minutes. I realize that that may have been TMI. :P

      Don't Care

      (don't judge me, I'm sick, this it the only time I can do want I really want and get away with it.. :P)

      Wow, I haven't seen those movies in a while!! I know that one was just playing on Tv, but the Supernatural finale (I will talk about that later) was on and I didn't want to miss it. Ehehe, in English right now, we are studying Homer's 'Odyssey', so I am being forced to recall everything that I learned from Percy Jackson in 6th grade. Which really isn't much. :P Yeah, Easter went by WAAY too quickly. I didn't even sort of do anything.

      Haha, she says 'thank you.' xD If you haven't seen any of them yet, GO IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Don't skip around, things might not make sense. You can skip the Hulk movies cause they aren't the same actor, and quite frankly, they suck. They just do. Ehehe, finish your exams first, though. xD You'll ace them, I know it! ;) Bundercumb Pundlesnatch has test-taking advice.


      And if you have already taken them, I am sure you did great. :P

      Ehehe, YES. I saw the Jaguar ad a bit ago because it was for the Super Bowl and it was the only ad I was interested in seeing. xD Tom Hiddleston is just awesome, there is no arguing. :P

      Oh gosh, that would be our sewers. xD I usually don't drop things down there, but when I do, there is no chance of getting them back. :P Something can't be worth that much of my time and energy for me to stick my arm down a pipe. xD


      Nope, no cousins or distant cousins getting married. My one set of grandparents live on the other side of the country, and I have never met their relatives, and the other ones live near me, but they both had older siblings, but they are all gone now. My only older cousins aren't going to get married due to their reasons, and we don't really like that many of our neighbors enough to go to weddings. And most of them are older anyway. xD The only 2 weddings to have happened in my family during the time that I have been alive took place on the other side of the country, and I was, like, 6 or 7, and my parents weren't going to drag four small children across the country for a day long event that they wouldn't even get, plus, it's flying across the country with 6 people, and that adds up pretty fast, so we stayed with friends instead. :P Which was totally fine with 6 year-old me.

      I totally would have brought a book. I don't care if it's not 'socially acceptable', I would need to do something to keep myself occupied. :P AWWW, you're a wittle mouse eating salami!!! HOW ADORABLE. xD

      Ahaha, since you were photographer, it was payback time for all of the times that you had to pose for pictures at awkward moments. xD Oh gosh, that has to be one heck of a video. xD I feel like I would be that one crazy person making a ridiculous face at the camera in the background, photobombing people. Ehehe, if you ever get caught on camera with food in your mouth, just do what Dean from Supernatural does:

      Eating Pie

      I swear, they have a GIF for literally everything. xD

      It was awesome!! Haha, funny thing, my parents have NO musical talent. I am not even kidding, they can't play anything and don't get me started on my dad singing. I think that it just sounds exactly what you would think it would sound like - a dad singing. :P Anyway, her performance was AMAZING, but there was only one problem. Our video camera died about 6 minutes into the 9 minutes piece. Even though it was a new battery. Apparently, it didn't alert the camera to let it know that there wasn't much power left on it, so it shut off, even though it said "full battery" on the screen. Luckily, some other people recorded it as well, so we got another copy of it. It was quite a scare, though...

      Also, another funny story from the concert. Okay, so all year, my mom was the snack lady for the organization. She would buy snacks and drinks for the rehearsals for the kids. So naturally, she was in charge of the reception for the orchestra concert. So she decided to order a cake, because the previous snack ladies had done that as well. It was to say the name of the oraganization, which happened to have the word 'philharmonic' in it. Okay, so my mom went to go take my older siblings to the concert hall early so that they could attend the dress rehearsal thingy and that she could set up the reception with the other moms. So she told my dad, me, and my little brother to pick up the cake and some bags of ice for the drinks on the way there. So we got to the grocery store to pick up the cake. And it is about 5 o'clock on a Sunday, so a lot of the workers aren't there. Including the cake decorator. Which is quite unfortunate, because when went to pick up the cake, something...wasn't right.

      It was supposed to say 'philharmonic', but alas, it said 'Phil Harmonic.' As in 'the cake decorator thought that Phil Harmonic was a person and this was their cake.' You can imagine our shock, especially since there is no one to help up with this tragedy. For a second we stared at it, and got angry, then started giggling. And angrily shaking our heads while giggling. We called in the manager, who was going to fix it himself and my dad was like "Uh, have you ever decorated a cake before?" and he was like "Uh, no." and my dad was like, "Yeah, thanks, but I'm going to do this at home myself." So, they actually gave us this cake for free because of it, and we madly drove back home, laughing hysterically the entire way, and had to re-ice the word ourselves. Which was nerve racking, but it looked pretty good! I am serious, we couldn't stop laughing the entire way there. xD I had to re-do some of my makeup because the tears and mascara running down my face didn't look very attractive. :P

      Well, it's a prequel to the classic movie "The Silence of the Lambs" which is about a serial killer who eats people, or something. I have never seen it because my mom freaks out when the name 'Hannibal Lector' is even uttered in our house. xD I would never watch it though, it's too gross. I am with you, I am totally jumping on the Supernatural bandwagon towards the end of the summer. My sister and I have made an agreement to watch it on her Netflix user when she goes off to college because we don't want it on our parent's Netflix account. Not that we are trying to be sneaky, but my mom freaks out at the name Hannibal Lector. We can only imagine what she would do if she saw this cover on the 'Recently Watched' list:

      Netflix Cover

      A snake running up a guys arm is not something that she is going to want to see. xD Also, I am going to be extreme binge watching it, so it's the only thing that is going to be on the profile for a long time. :P I was bored of watching DWTS the other night, and watched the Supernatural finale instead, and it was really good! I am NOT going to tell you anything about the show, because I know about 5 seasons worth of spoilers, thanks to my tumblr-addicted sister, and I don't want to spoil it for you. :P But lots of people die. Like, LOTS. OF. PEOPLE. DIE. EVERYONE. DIES. Also, WATCH VIDEOS OF THE CAST. I am not kidding, the cast from this show is amazing, I just want to hug them all. They are just so goofy and adorable and OH GOD I LOVE THEM ALL AND I DON'T EVEN WATCH THIS SHOW. Also, side-note: don't be fooled by the GIFs. These guys are ginormous. Not even kidding - they don't look like that have really deep voices, but they do. It both looks and sounds weird at first. But seriously, these guys are huge. Allow me to demonstrate. See the guy in the gray shirt on the poster? This guy?

      Dean Winchester

      Okay, now look at this guy:

      Sam Winchester

      Okay, now look at the two of them together.

      Sam and Dean

      Look at the height difference. Look at it.


      Here's the mindblowing thing.

      This guy


      is taller than this guy.


      He's taller than Benedict, who looks like a freaking beanpole in every single thing that he is in!!! Which in turn means that this guy


      is just ginormous. BUT WAIT, there's more! That leaves this poor guy


      who is the height of a normal human being, looking like a small toy dog.

      Now, you may be wondering why I just took you on a GIF journey through the heights of the cast of Supernatural. I seriously can't explain that, but it's 2 AM right now and I think that may have something to do with that. xD

      YES. LAST NIGHT GUS WAS AMAZING. That is one of my favorite episodes ever, it's just so awesome! YES!!! You have discovered Carlowe!! Aren't they just adorable?? I honestly shipped them more then Shules, they were just so dang cute. I won't spoil on whether or not it lasts, but, uh....

      Could Mean Anything Smile

      That smile could go either way. xD

      Haha, they are on their own level of suckish. It seems like that's all they play, though... Ehehe, those Hiddles commercials are awesome. xD

      Yeah, I got an email like that as well because I was on another site that was effected as well. I immediately deleted my account. xD I will EVENTUALLY get a tumblr (eventually), but not now. I don't need that sort of ridiculous addiction to the Internet right now. :P

      YES. YES. YES. JACK IS AMAZING. I totally agree, that is just awful the way that Will can never fully meet his son. It's so heartbreaking, especially since he was one of my favorite characters, and I had crush on Orlando Bloom for the longest time because of him. Then I saw Lord of the Rings. I didn't have a crush on him anymore after that. xD

      Oh Legolas

      Ehehe, we briefly discussed trying to get Morgan Freeman to narrate our presentation, but none of us could do a very good Morgan Freeman impression, and we couldn't find his agent. And that would cost $$$. And being a group of mostly freshmen and sophomores, we had no $$$. xD

      Oh gosh, that would be epic! If Tom Hiddleston picked me up in a helicopter, I would be so freaked out. xD This would be the result:


      I think that you get the 'Dame' title, cause that's what Maggie Smith has and it's essentially like Sir Patrick Stewart's 'Sir'. I think. Either that or it's definitely Ladyhood. Ladyhood sounds better. I like it. xd

      I know!! I hate the way that they keep trying to strech everything out intead of just sticking to the original story - they are just ruining things!! YES. They are slightly over 3 hours, I just looked it up. The first one was 3 hours and 2 minutes, and the second one was 3 hours and 7 minutes. And it didn't eve do anything to progress the sotry, really! It ended at the most interesting part!! I was really disappointed...

      I agree, he didn't have to be written out like that. I felt like there was no sense of closure. I KNOW. The Annie and Finnick thing makes me so made, because Finnick was so awesome and that was so adorable and OH GOD THE FEELS. THE FEELS.

      The Feels

      Haha, YES. I agree. While I don't really protest to the meat dress, I mean, sure, it's wacky, but there really isn't any harm done there, Rhianna is just inappropriate. It's just not a good idea to encourage behavior like that in our essentially screwed up society. Yeah, I know. I am praying that she doesn't do something stupid, because she is the only female model that I look up too right now... Everyone else has just been disappointing in their lack of morality.

      Gah, that's not a case I can judge. I mean, I can figure out who did it in an NCIS episode 20 minutes in, but that's not the same. Because pretty much every episode is the exact same thing. :P

      If it were a movie, I would want to direct it. :P Just to make sure that they don't screw it up. In all seriousness, though, I would really hope that they would stay true to the plot and pick actors based upon ability, not fame, as they do so often. I would also kind of hope that they were slightly older, only because I sort of imagined them slightly older in the books. Not too much older, though, like Sabrina starting at 13 or 14... :P I feel like they would do that anyway, though. :P If they screw around with the plot, though, I would be so mad. I really wouldn't want it to end up like the Percy Jackson movies. Those were just tragic.

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