L. Frank Baum
Baum 1911
Name: Lyman Frank Baum
Age: 62 (at time of passing)
Occupation: Author
Date of Birth: May 15, 1856
Date of Death: May 6, 1919
Claim to fame: Author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its numerous sequels
Family: Maud Gage (wife)

Frank Joslyn Baum (son)
Robert Stanton Baum (son)
Harry Neal Baum (son)
Kenneth Gage Baum (son)

Role in series: Everafter historian
L. Frank Baum is the publishing name of Lyman Frank Baum, a fiction writer well known for his series of Oz books. In The Sisters Grimm, he is one of numerous Everafter "historians."


L. Frank Baum was born on May 15, 1856 and died on May 6, 1919. In 1900 he published The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, possibly his best-known work. This was followed by thirteen more full-length Oz books as well as numerous stage plays, short stories, and a comic strip. After his death, the Oz series was extended by several other writers. A full list can be found here. In total, L Frank Baum wrote 55 novels plus four "lost" novels, 83 short stories, over 200 poems, an unknown number of scripts, and many miscellaneous writings. 

Role in the Books

Though never explicitly stated, L Frank Baum is implied to be a fairy tale historian similar to the Brothers Grimm. His particular contribution is the history of the land of Oz and the many people who either lived there or had adventures there. No mention is made of his other books; those can be presumed to be fiction. 

Baum's Characters in the Series

Dorothy Gale (mentioned)

Glinda the Good Witch

The Wicked Witch of the West

The Wizard of Oz

The Scarecrow

The Tin Woodsman

Bill(ina) the Yellow Hen (mentioned)

Jack Pumpkinhead (mentioned)

Tik Tok (mentioned, and glimpsed in an illustration)

Magical Objects in the Series

In addition to characters, many of the magical objects mentioned in the series come from Baum's books.

The Nome King's belt

The Golden Cap

Dorothy's Magic Shoes

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