Jane Ella Grimm
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Species: Human
Gender: Female
Spaulding Grimm † (Husband)

Douglas Grimm II † (Son)
Josef Grimm † (Son)
Anna Grimm † (Daughter-in-law)
Trixie Grimm † (Granddaughter)
Vesta Grimm † (Granddaughter)
Peter Grimm † (Grandson)
Alison Grimm I † (Granddaughter-in-law)
Wilhelm Grimm † (Grandfather-in-law)
Henrietta Grimm † (Grandmother-in-law)
Jacob Grimm † (Great Uncle-in-law)} Douglas Grimm I † (Father-in-law)
Delores Grimm † (Mother-in-law)
Thomas Grimm † (Brother-in-law)
Dessie Grimm † (Sister-in-law)
Chloe Grimm † (Great-Granddaughter)
Edwin Grimm † (Great-Grandson)
Matilda Grimm † (Great-Granddaughter)
Basil Grimm † (Great-Grandson)
Relda Grimm † (Great-Granddaughter-in-law)
Jacob Alexander Grimm (Great-Great-Grandson)
Henry Grimm (Great-Great-Grandson)
Veronica Grimm (Great-Great Granddaughter-in-law)
Sabrina Grimm (Great-Great-Great Granddaughter)
Daphne Grimm (Great-Great-Great Granddaughter)
Basil Grimm II (Great-Great-Great Grandson)
Puck (Great-Great-Great Grandson-in-law)
Alison Grimm (Great-Great-Great Granddaughter)
Emma Grimm (Great-Great-Great Granddaughter)

Unnamed Great-Great-Great Grandchildren
Status: Deceased
Jane Ella Grimm was a member of the Grimm family through her marriage to Spaulding Grimm. She is the great-great-great grandmother of the protagonists of the series, Sabrina and Daphne. Jane Ella had two sons with Spaulding, Douglas Grimm II and Josef Grimm.
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