H.C. Andersen
Name: Hans Christian Andersen
Age: 70 (at time of death)
Occupation: Writer
Date of Birth: 2 April 1805
Date of Death: 4 August 1875
Claim to fame: Wrote famous fairy-tales that eventually became classics
Role in series: Documentor of many Everafter's lives; ancestor of the Anderson triplets.
Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish writer best known for the fairy-tales he wrote, most notably The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling. In The Sisters Grimm series, he is the ancestor of Jake's travelling companions, the Anderson triplets and he also documented many of the Everafter's lives.


Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish writer who was particularly prolific in writing plays, novels, travelogues, and poems, but is best remembered for his fairy tales. They are notable for their mature, often dark, themes which whilst being accessible to younger readers, have some kind of deeper meaning that more mature readers will be able to find. They have also been turned into ballets and both live-action and animated films and have been translated into over 125 cultures - a collection of tales that is virtually embedded into the Western culture.

Due to his collection of faiy-tales, he has left behind a legacy that is hard to obtain amongst writers. The 'Hans Christian Awards' are are given biennially by the International Board on Books for Young People to an author and illustrator whose complete works have made lasting contributions to children's literature and there are many statues of him dotted throughout America - the one in Centra Perk features as a part of Faerie.

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Role in the Books

Andersen is de

The Hans Christian Andersen statue in New York Central Park, under which the kingdom of Faerie is located.

picted as a fairy tale historian who documented the lives of many of the Everafters that appear in the series, similar to the Brothers Grimm. Characters from his stories inhabit Ferryport Landing and Faerie.

Jake mentions that his descendants, the Anderson triplets travel the world as they search for , thus making the Anderson family one that also has stayed true to its heritage of fairy-tales.

In Once Upon a Crime, it is revealed that the entrance of Faerie is located under the statue of Hans Christian Andersen located in New York's Central Park. 

Andersen's Characters in the Series:

The Little Mermaid
The Emperor with no clothes
The Little Match Girl (mentioned)
The Snow Queen (mentioned)

The Widow

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