Grimm Family Home
Location: Ferryport Landing
Age: 200 years (approx)
Fairy Tale: Specific to The Sisters Grimm
Residents: Relda Grimm

Mr. Canis
Henry Grimm
Jacob Grimm II
Veronica Grimm
Sabrina Grimm
Daphne Grimm
Basil Grimm Jr.
Red Riding Hood
Basil Grimm (prior to death)
Rest of the Grimm Family

Status: Destroyed
Appearances: The Fairy-Tale Detectives

The Unusual Suspects
The Problem Child
Magic and Other Misdemeanors
Tales from the Hood
The Everafter War
The Inside Story
The Council of Mirrors

The Grimm Family house is a two-story building on the far edges of Ferryport Landing, close to the dense forest that shrouds the town from watchful eyes. The old-fashioned house resembles a doll house (in the words of Daphne Grimm), and it is painted yellow. It is protected by various enchantments, allowing the Grimms to remain unaffected if a spell is cast over the entire town, and also to protect the unpopular family from any Everafter assassins.

The various protective spells not only include protection from spells and other magical artefacts (like Forgetful Dust), it also has 'basic' security measures; unlocking the house requires a person to rap on the door three times and say "We're home." In more extreme cases (like when Jake got shot by the Scarlet Hand), the house goes into intensive defence mode, locking up completely and safely encasing the family within it's walls.

The Grimm house is filled to the brim with items that Relda and Basil brought along from their extended honeymoon, and other artefacts that the Grimms have accumulated over the years. However, the most prominent part of the Grimm house is the extensive collection of books which literally takes up every available space possible. Sabrina states how she even found books in the tank of the toilet - books are everywhere and anywhere and are all to do with documented fairy-tales and the accounts of Everafters.

Although the Grimm house looks cosy and petite, it is actually quite big inside. Initially, it was a four bedroom house with a living room, dining room and kitchen downstairs. However after the arrival of Puck into the Grimm household, the house had to be magically extended to house his impossible bedroom. With Puck's room, the rooms upstairs include Relda's room (which was also Basil's prior to his death), Mr. Canis' room (which is virtually stripped bare), Sabrina and Daphne's room (which was originally their father's), Puck's room and the room which houses Mirror (which was Jake's room prior to his departure 12 years ago).

In Magic and other Misdemeanors, the house comes under a war of wills, as the newly appointed Mayor Heart wants to kick the Grimm Family out of their home and eventually out of Ferryport Landing altogether. However, the Grimm Family refuse to vacate the premises and scrape together the money to pay for the outrageous taxes that Heart has imposed on them. When Sabrina and Daphne accidentally travel to the future with Charming, they discover that the house had been destroyed by the Scarlet Hand, who now used it as their headquarters to make a point to the army allied with the Grimms. Sabrina furiously tears up when she sees it, just like her older counterpart who is stunned, saying how it hasn't got any easier to see the site after 15 years had passed since it's destruction.

Eventually, by the end of The Inside Story, the house is discovered to be destroyed after Mirror was discovered to be the Master. It is implied that after the war effort ends, a new family house is built for the Grimms to live in, ending a chapter with the house that was a major part of the Grimm dynasty for nearly 200 years.

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