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The Scarlet Hand
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Golden Egg
Gingerbread Man
Location: New York City, NY, U.S.
Proprietors: Mother "Momma" Goose
Patrons: Everafters
The Grimm Family
Status: In Operation
Appearances: "Once Upon a Crime"

The Golden Egg is a bar situated in New York City, whose entrance lies under the statue of Hans Christian Andersen. Specifically for Everafters, the bar is a part of Faerie and is seemingly run by Oberon, Titania and their Faerie court.

Mother Goose runs the bars and the Golden Egg's regulars include the Emperor and the gingerbread man. Before the Grimm Family and Ernest Hamstead arrive at the Golden Egg in Once Upon a Crime, Bess worked as the Bar's singer. Her boyfriend Tony Fats and Bobby Screwball work as the bars security guards whilst Mustardseed and a small group of fairies provide extra security for the Faerie community.

The bar was temporarily decimated when Titania transformed into a pixie-like monster in her rage after Oberon was murdered. It is later revealed that the Faerie community can gather all the Everafters in the vicinity by making the Empire State building glow purple.

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