Fanart is very important to the Sisters Grimm fandom, for multiple reasons. Oftentimes fanart expands knowledge of the series, either by establishing headcanons or portraying characters who have little to no official art. For example, the color of Puck's eyes and Moth's general appearance have largely been determined by fan works. 

Common subjects of fanart inclue Puckabrina and other pairings (eg Jake/Briar), scenes from the books, AUs, and fan-favorite characters. 

The Sisters Grimm fandom contains a large number of fanartists. Many of their creations can be found on TheSistersGrimmClub, a fan club on deviantART. 

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Rules for Using Fanart

  1. Get permission from the artist before uploading images on to the wiki
  2. Credit the artist's name/username and the site where you found it.
  3. Include a link to the source (in the file description).
  4. Put them in the Fanart Category
  5. Give preference to official images.
  6. Please don't be derisive of other artist's artwork on the forum - every fanart here is appreciated!

Featured Fanartists

This wiki welcomes fanart from all artists, as long as their permission has been given. The following is a list of those fanartists and the illustrations they have contributed to this site.  

List is in alphabetical order.


Ellie (Imagine0139 on deviantART)

Elligoat on this wiki.


EstrangeloEdessa on deviantART

EstrangeloEdessa on this wiki. 

Lara D

Imagine0139 on deviantART

LaraD0913 on this wiki


Lizalot on deviantART


Mazberrypie on tumblr

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