Everafter War
Everafter War
Location: Ferryport Landing
Description of Event: War between the Scarlet Hand and the Everafters who support the Grimms
How it Occurred: Scarlet Hand began rising in power and attempting to kill The Grimms in order to be free. William Charming started a refugee camp to protect Everafters opposing the Scarlet Hand. Refugees then began fighting back.
People Involved: The Scarlet Hand: The Master, Queen of Hearts, Nottingham,
The Grimms's army: Charming, Snow White, Puck
Final Outcome: The Master is defeated.
Appearances: Magic and Other Misdemeanors
The Everafter War
The Council of Mirrors
The Everafter War refers to the civil war between two groups of Everafters, with an outcome on which depended the fate of the rest of the world. The war was fought between the Scarlet Hand and the Everafters who either sympathised with the Grimm Family or those who were fighting to save the human race. With many fatalities on both sides, the war nearly wrecked Ferryport Landing and divided a community of 200 years.


Initiated by the Scarlet Hand, the war begun when Charming's Army formed in an attempt to protect other Everafters who weren't allied with the Hand, as they were being terrorised and threatened into joining. Whilst the Hand ran rampant across the town, more and more Everafters became disillusioned with their aims, as the Hand's goals to achieve world dominion was revealed. Eventually, Charming's Army was formed in an effort not only to protect the Everafters, but also to protect humanity.

Arc in Books

Glimpses of The Everafter War were first shown when Sabrina and Daphne travelled to an alternate future in Magic and Other Misdemeanors, only to find themselves in a derelict Ferryport caught in the midst of a savage war. As they are introduced to their older counterparts, they see how the war has been very costly, with many of their friends and family dead. The two sisters find Charming in the alternate future, after he too accidentally travelled through a Time Tear 3 months earlier. With an insight into the future, and a new determination to stop it at all costs, the trio travel back to the present day.

Charming establishes Fort Charming as a refuge for all Everafters who were being terrorised by the Hand. The Grimm family also join them after Jake was shot by the Scarlet Hand and gradually, an initially reluctant army forms.


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