The Scarlet Hand
The Scarlet Hand
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Dr. Pfefferkuchenhaus' Office
Dr.P Office
Proprietors: Frau Pfefferkuchenhaus
Status: Inactive after Dr Pfefferkuchenhaus' death

Dr. Pfefferkuchenhaus' Office is the dentist's office of Ferryport Landing, run by Frau Pfefferkuchenhaus. The dentist's office appears in Magic and Other Misdemeanors when Sabrina, Daphne and Puck are investigating the theft of the Vial from the Fountain of Youth. Whilst at the office, Puck overhears a seemingly painful tooth extraction and announces that he has found his future career.

It is highly likely that the office exists as a tribute to Frau Pfefferkuchenhaus' story of origin, Hansel and Gretel (recorded by the Brothers Grimm, where the witch coaxes children to enter her house made of sweets and desserts, which could potentially lead to tooth cavities).

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