Charles Perrault
Age: 75 at time of death
Occupation: Author
Date of Birth: 12 January 1628
Date of Death: 16 May 1703
Claim to fame: Wrote some of the best-remembered fairy tales, including "Tales of Mother Goose"
Family: Pierre Perrault (father)
Paquette Le Clerc (mother)
Jean Perrault (older brother)
Role in series: Everafter historian
Charles Perrault was a French writer well known for his fairy tales. 


Charles Perrault lived from 12 January 1628 to 16 May 1703. He was born in Paris and lived his life in France. In 1697 he published Tales and Stories of the Past with Morals, subtitled Tales of Mother Goose. (In French: Histoires ou Contes du Temps passé, subtitledLes Contes de ma Mère l’Oye.)

He is sometimes credited with "inventing" the fairy-tale genre. He did play a large role in defining the genre as something different from the folk tales of old. His fairy-tale versions of stories are often better remembered than folk-tale-like ones from others such as the Brothers Grimm

Role in the Books

It is implied that Charles Perrault was an Everafter historian rather than a fiction writer, similar to the Brothers Grimm. Several characters from his stories are Sisters Grimm characters and inhabitants of Ferryport Landing.

Charles Perrault02

Engraved frontispiece of Perrault's stories.
Clockwise from top: Bluebeard, Hop-o'-My-Thumb, Ricky with the Tuft, Puss in Boots, The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, fairy tales, Cinderella, The Clever Princess, Griselda, Donkeyskin, The Fairies, Red Riding Hood

Perrault's Characters in the Series

Cinderella and her fairy godmother

Sleeping Beauty and her fairy godmothers

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf


Puss In Boots

Mother Goose

(note: The Brothers Grimm later retold many of Perrault's stories, but in most cases, Perrault's versions are the better remembered and the ones used in The Sisters Grimm.)

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