The Scarlet Hand
The Scarlet Hand
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The Grimm Family
The Grimm Family
The Grimm Family Tree as shown in A Very Grimm Guide


Basil Grimm (blood)†
Relda Grimm (married)†
Henry Grimm (blood)
Veronica Grimm (married)
Jacob Grimm II (blood)
Sabrina Grimm (blood)
Daphne Grimm (blood)
Basil Grimm Jr. (blood)
Puck (adopted, later married)
Alison Grimm (blood)
Emma Grimm (blood)
Little Red Riding Hood (adopted)
Mr. Canis(adopted)
Elvis (adopted)

Peter Grimm (blood)†
Alison Grimm (married) †
Edwin Grimm (blood)†
Matilda Grimm (blood)†
Chloe Grimm (blood)†

Josef Grimm (blood)†
Anna Grimm (married)†
Vesta Grimm (blood)†
Trixie Grimm (blood)†

Spaulding Grimm (blood)†
Jane Ella Grimm (married)†
Douglas Grimm II (blood)†

Douglas Grimm I (blood)†
Delores Grimm (married)†
Thomas Grimm (blood)†
Dessie Grimm (blood)†

Wilhelm Grimm (blood)†
Henrietta Grimm (married)†

We are Grimms and this is what we do
~ The Grimms, from Entire Series

The Grimm family are residents of Ferryport Landing and have been for nearly 200 years. They are the descendants of the famous Brothers Grimm, specifically Wilhelm Grimm, and have undertaken the task of becoming self-professed 'fairytale detectives'. Essentially, they act as the peacekeepers for the Everafters they helped flee to the small, hidden town two centuries ago.

The Grimm family is responsible for the magic barrier surrounding Ferryport Landing which makes them hated by many Everafters. If all the blood-related Grimms die out, the barrier will cease to exist. Not all Everafters feel antagonistic towards them, however, and Relda Grimm even invites a few Everafters to live with them, therefore giving them admittance to the family itself.

The Grimm Family is the enemy of the Scarlet Hand.

The family is shown below.

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