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Species: Human
Gender: Male
Fairy Tale: None
Status: Alive
Appearances: "The Council of Mirrors"
Bradley was Sabrina's human husband-to-be in the first epilogue of The Council of Mirrors, which was set in his wedding to the eldest Grimm sister before Puck crashed the wedding.


At the end of "The Council of Mirrors", during the first epilogue, Bradley makes an appearance as Sabrina's husband-to-be, standing smilingly at the altar as his fiance walks up the aisle to meet him. Their wedding almost takes place but it is interrupted by the arrival of Puck, now a full-grown man, who crashes the wedding. After the second epilogue shows set 13 years after, it is evident that Sabrina broke off her relationship with Bradley and married Puck later on in her life instead, whom she now has two daughters with.

Bradley is described by Sabrina as 'keeping her sane' due to the fact that he is free of Everafter ties, being completely human. However, prior to his almost-marriage to Sabrina, she had informed him about her family and the work they do. Although Bradley is aware of the existence of Everafters, he is not entirely comfortable with the concept yet and his family doesn't know of the secret fairy-tale characters. This leads Bradley to request that all Everafters are disguised at the wedding.


Bradley is an English surname derived from a place name meaning "broad wood" or "broad clearing" in Old English.Like all English surnames, Bradley can also be used as a given name and as such has become popular. It is also an Anglicisation of the Irish Gaelic name O’Brolachán (also O’Brallaghan) from County Tyrone in Ireland. The family moved and spread to counties Londonderry, Donegal and Cork.


Bradley is said to have blue eyes and a goatee, which he shaved for the wedding.

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