Blue Plate Special
Blue Plate Special Diner
Location: Ferryport Landing
Proprietors: Farrah
Patrons: Everafters
Appearances: The Problem Child
The Blue Plate Special is a diner owned by the Blue Fairy. This restaurant first appears in The Problem Child and is visited by the Grimm family frequently in the book. It was also one of the last human-friendly locations in Ferryport Landing when the Scarlet Hand started taking over.

On Sabrina and Daphne's  first visit along with Jake, they go to eat in the restaurant while Jake is showing the girls around the town. Later on, the restaurant is attacked by Little Red Riding Hood and the Jabberwocky when Red is looking for her "family." Whilst Sabrina and Daphne follow the Jabberwocky's progress, William Charming calls the Three to fix the destruction.

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