Bad Apples
Bad Apples
Location: Ferryport Landing
Members: Snow White (Founder)

Daphne Grimm
Sabrina Grimm

Fairy Tale: Specific to The Sisters Grimm
Aims: To teach women self-defence
Status: Unknown
Appearances: Tales From the Hood

Bad Apples is a self-defense martial arts class set up and taught by Snow White, in the hope that people (mainly women) who are unable to defend themselves can acquire such skills. Snow was motivated to start the club after she grew tired of relying on princes to get her out of dangerous situations.

Daphne Grimm starts attending the classes whilst her elder sister, Sabrina is in a coma. Although she learns a thing or two about fighting skills, the results are comical; Daphne's warrior face is often not taken seriously much to her frustration.

After the two sisters' official training begins in Magic and Other Misdemeanors, Snow teaches them kung-fu in order to hone their self-defense skills.

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