Alison Grimm I
Fairytale Detective
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Species: Human
Gender: Female
Fairy Tale: Specific to The Sisters Grimm
Peter Grimm † (Husband)

Chloe Grimm † (Daughter)
Edwin Grimm † (Son)
Matilda Grimm † (Daughter)
Basil Grimm † (Son)
Relda Grimm † (Daughter-in-law)
Josef Grimm † (Father-in-law)
Anna Grimm † (Mother-in-law)
Trixie Grimm † (Sister-in-law)
Vesta Grimm † (Sister-in-law)
Jacob Alexander Grimm (Grandson)
Henry Grimm (Grandson)
Veronica Grimm (Great Granddaughter-in-law)
Sabrina Grimm (Great Granddaughter)
Daphne Grimm (Great Granddaughter)
Basil Grimm II (Great Grandson)
Puck (Great Grandson-in-law)
Alison Grimm (Great Great Granddaughter)
Emma Grimm (Great Great Granddaughter)
Unnamed Great Great Grandchildren
Spaulding Grimm † (Grandfather-in-law)
Jane Ella Grimm † (Grandfather-in-law)
Douglas Grimm II † (Uncle-in-law)
Douglas Grimm I † (Grandfather-in-law)
Delores Grimm † (Grandmother-in-law)
Thomas Grimm † (Great Uncle-in-law)
Dessie Grimm † (Great Aunt-in-law)
Wilhelm Grimm † (Great Grandfather-in-law)
Henrietta Grimm † (Great Grandmother-in-law)

Jacob Grimm † (Great Uncle once-removed-in-law)
Status: Deceased
Appearances: A Very Grimm Guide (Mentioned)
Alison Grimm I was a human member of the Grimm Family, through her marriage to Peter Grimm, son of Josef Grimm and Anna Grimm. She is the mother of Chloe Grimm, Edwin Grimm, Matilda Grimm and Basil Grimm, therefore making her the great grandmother of Sabrina and Daphne Grimm as her youngest son Basil is their grandfather. Like all members of the Grimm family, it can be assumed she was either a fairytale detective, or she was at least aware of the existence of Everafters.


The name 'Alison' means 'of noble kind', 'noble' and 'truthful'. It is of Germanic or French origin, with the latter being the most correct. It is most likely that Michael Buckley named her after his wife and agent, Alison Fargis.

N.B The 'I' after her name (to symbolise that she is the first of her name) is not official, it has only been put in place to differentiate betwwen her and Alison Grimm, Sabrina and Puck's daughter.

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