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Right, so I am a total Fanfiction junkie. I've actually instated a day in the week which I dedicate to it, completely forgetting about the growing pile of homework that was due in 3 weeks ago. Fanfiction Friday - guys, just saying, I strongly recommend you take this day up too. And then I had an insight of insightfulness (I got that from Fanfiction) - why not start a thread on the wiki where I am admin, dedicated to the fanfiction of my favourite book series.  And that's exactly what I've done!

So basically, if you write Fanfiction, post a link to your profile on the forum so all the people who visit the Wiki can see it. Personally, I am trying to write my own fics, but their realistic finishing date is in about 5 years, since I get too distracted reading fics. Er, what I am trying to say is, you don't have to write fanfiction to post on here - you can just talk about your favourite fics here, or add links to your favourte authors. Which is what I will do.

And so it starts:

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Hi Annie!

Firstly, welcome to the wiki and also to the (small but awesome) fandom :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PROMOTING YOURSELF because I keep forgetting about this forum and also that FanFiction exists :s I'll be more than happy to read your fics but I'll review under a guest account since I don't have an account myself - I usually review under the name 'Fireworks' :)


So guess who has decided to show her face again? Yes, I am an appalling admin but college work is getting heavier and you don't want to know the rest of my real life excuses. You probably do want to know why I haven't been updating this forum - it's literally almost a year since the last time I updated this - and I don't have an excuse but OH MY GOODNESS, I HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE TO RECOMMEND!!!!!!

I feel like I literally just discovered Fanfiction because I haven't been on the site for a few milllenia, so I was VERY pleasantly suprised to find a whole new range of writers-who-update-their-awesome-fics. Those awesome fics are on my reading list since my impending doom exams are getting in the way of enjoying those fics. However, you can still enhoy them so I will post a link to the authors' bio pages so you can look through their range of glorious fics. Here goes:

So I literally just finished reading Brink by Quill and Spindle - oh my Kraven, it is beautiful, eloquent and literally a pleasure to read. So many brilliant twists, all the characters are in character and that was the first literary piece that raised my shipper heart from the dead and made me cry in about...oh 2 years?

It is literally the best fic I have ever read.

I'm also going to shamelessly point out that I tucked myself away in my room, citing revision to my family whilst I read this engrossing fic from 9 in the morning to 9 at night. SO GOOD!

But yeah. go check out  Quill and Spindle. You won't regret it.


Aaaaaaand guess who is back again? I can actually spend the time that the wiki deserves on here as exams are over and my blissfully long holiday has begun. Which means no more neglecting this wiki and no more neglecting this forum, so here are my suggestions for which fanfictions you should be reading :

Again with Quill and Spindle, I'd highly recommend War Horse and definitely DEFINITELY Once More: Say Yes which has a lovely style of writing to it.

Whilst looking for the links above, I just found Leafy Chairs by crimsonvortex and Midnight Sugar by Annie Carter - both are very sweet and short so are lovely light reads.


oh my god, Brink,. That story was beautiful. I literally cried because it was so perfect, in character, and with a plot that broke my heart because it could totally happen. 


Yes, Brink is amazing! It's kind of weird how everyone is unanimously agreeing that the characters are all actually in character, especially as we don't really know what the adult versions of Puck, Sabrina and co would actually be like, but that just points to the amazing talent of the author for managing to achieve that. 

It is genuinely a pleasure to read.

Oh, and welcome back to the wiki again :)


That's so true. They're so them, but changed realistically. The author really does have extraordinary talent. 

Thanks c: life got a little hectic for a while. 


Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the shoutout about my stories on fanfiction. Didn't know how to PM you back on FF, so am glad I'm able to do it here. I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to read Brink, especially, because it's so long. Thank you so much for you kind words about it!


Quillandspindle wrote:

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the shoutout about my stories on fanfiction. Didn't know how to PM you back on FF, so am glad I'm able to do it here. I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to read Brink, especially, because it's so long. Thank you so much for you kind words about it!

OH MY GOD, HELLO *internally squeeing*

No problem, it's a pleasure to read and long fics are awesome because then there is more of a story to fll in love with and obsess over.

Keep being awesome :)

FireworksandChimpanzees Drop me a message!


Hi! I don't know if I'm doing this right. I just discovered this Wiki page today. I don't get internet very well so if I am doing this wrong, I wouldn't mind if someone told me. Anyway I started writing this FF about in I think October in 2017. In my opinion it got better. It's a little weird at first, so I don't mind if you hate it. It's called Another Day Another Disaster. I am currently writing my 35 chapter. I am hoping to make it to at least 50 maybe even 100. It does go a little slow. It is also very clean:

I hope this link works!



Thank you so much for stopping by and promoting your fanfiction! It looks great and I can't wait to read it! Oooh, I hope you do get it to 100 chapters - I LOOOOOOOOVE long fanfics :)

Seriously, thank you so much for using this forum 'cause I keep forgetting to update it :s

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